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Kids Trivia Questions #29

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Reptile - A chameleon has the ability to change color.What kind of creature is a chameleon?

a. Reptile
b. Bird
c. Fish
d. Mammal

Patrick Star - Patrick holds various jobs and lives under a rock.Who is Sponge Bob's best friend?

a. Eugene H. Krabs
b. Sandy Cheeks
c. Sheldon J. Plankton
d. Patrick Star

India - This city used to be called Bombay.In which country would you find the city of Mumbai?

a. Scotland
b. India
c. Mexico
d. Canada

4 - A violin is played using a bow.How many strings are normally on a violin?

a. 4
b. 26
c. 10
d. 12

Water - They were going up the hill to fetch a pail of water.According to the nursery rhyme, what were Jack and Jill fetching?

a. Pie
b. Milk
c. Blueberries
d. Water

Owls - An owl coughs ups pellets. Pellets are made up of things that the bird cannot digest.Which type of animal produces pellets?

a. Deer
b. Snakes
c. Owls
d. Frogs

Benjamin Franklin - Ben was a famous inventor. He was trying to learn about electricity.Which famous person is often portrayed flying a kite during a lightning storm?

a. John Paul Jones
b. Alexander the Great
c. Benjamin Franklin
d. Thomas Edison

Little boy blue - Little boy Blue is asleep.According to the rhyme, which character is supposed to blow a horn?

a. Jack Horner
b. Doctor Foster
c. Little boy blue
d. Georgie Porgie

Helium - Helium balloons are often made from Mylar rather than rubber.What kind of gas is put in a balloon to make it float?

a. Hydrogen
b. Helium
c. Neon
d. Oxygen

Apples - According to the story, Sir Isaac was struck on the head by a falling apple. This inspired his theories about gravity.Which fruit inspired Sir Isaac Newton?

a. Cherries
b. Apples
c. Plums
d. Oranges

Crust - The crust is where people find the most rocks and fossils.What is the proper term for the outside layer of the earth?

a. Atmosphere
b. Mantle
c. Crust
d. Core

Predator - Lions and tigers are predators.What is an animal called that hunts other animals for food?

a. Parasite
b. Predator
c. Prey
d. Producer

A constellation - Ursa Minor, Ursa Major and the Big Dipper are all constellations.What do you call a group of stars that form a picture?

a. A pod
b. A cluster
c. A galaxy
d. A constellation

Sailboat - The sails catch the wind and move the boat.Which of the following items is moved by wind power?

a. Bicycle
b. Car
c. Sled
d. Sailboat

Football - In football, you might also hear the terms field goal and touchdown.What sport uses the terms huddle, cleats and end zone?

a. Football
b. Bowling
c. Archery
d. Badminton

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