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Kids Trivia Questions XIV

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Canada - Canada and the United States share one of the longest unpatrolled borders in the world.Which country borders the United States to the North?

       a. Ontario
       b. Mexico
       c. Canada
       d. England

Hippopotamus - The word hippopotamus comes from Ancient Greek.What animal's name translates to mean "river horse"?

       a. Manatee
       b. Giraffe
       c. Hippopotamus
       d. Antelope

Britain - Henry ruled from 1509 to 1547.Which country did Henry the Eighth rule?

       a. Britain
       b. Sweden
       c. Austria Hungry
       d. France

Silversmith - Paul was famous for warning troops that 'The British were coming'.What did the revolutionary Paul Revere do for a living?

       a. Miller
       b. Cooper
       c. Silversmith
       d. Farmer

E.T. - E.T. was befriended by a young boy named Elliot.Which movie character was desperate to phone home?

       a. Peter Pan
       b. R2D2
       c. E.T.
       d. Prince Caspian

Under the haystack - Little boy blue is fast asleep. According to the nursery rhyme, where is little boy blue?

       a. In the corner
       b. Under the haystack
       c. On his way to Gloucester
       d. Sick in bed

Michelangelo - These are all famous artists, as well as the names of the ninja turtles.Who created the sculpture of David?

       a. Michelangelo
       b. Raphael
       c. Leonardo Da Vinci
       d. Donatello

Mounds - Mounds come both with and without nuts.Which candy bar uses the slogan "Sometimes you feel like a nut"?

       a. Turtles
       b. Milky Way
       c. Mounds
       d. Mars

Little Mischief - Pocahontas' father was Powhatan, an Indian Chief. What does the name Pocahontas mean?

       a. Good swimmer
       b. Young warrior
       c. Little Mischief
       d. Fast River

Dalmatian - This breed of dog is easily recognized by their spots.What breed of dog is commonly associated with firehouses?

       a. Great Dane
       b. Dalmatian
       c. British Bull Dog
       d. German shepherd

Nine - Baseball is played on a field or diamond.In a professional game of baseball, how many players are on the field?

       a. Nine
       b. Twelve
       c. Six
       d. Fifteen

Drill with it - Fishermen use ice augers to drill holes through the ice.What would you do with an auger?

       a. Plant it
       b. Ride it
       c. Drill with it
       d. Eat it

Maple - Maple syrup is often used on pancakes.If you wanted to make syrup, what kind of tree would you tap?

       a. Maple
       b. Oak
       c. Pine
       d. Cedar

Cycling - Lance has won the Tour de France seven times. With which sport would you associate Lance Armstrong?

       a. Cycling
       b. Swimming
       c. Boxing
       d. Car racing

Egypt - Egypt is located on the Mediterranean.Tombs, pyramids and mummies are all associated with which country?

       a. Turkey
       b. Egypt
       c. Brazil
       d. Saudi Arabia

Canberra - Canberra translates to 'meeting place'.What is the capital city of Australia?

       a. New South Wales
       b. Sydney
       c. Canberra
       d. Melbourne

Seven - This group of stars is also known as The Plough.How many stars make up the constellation "The Big Dipper"?

       a. Seven
       b. Three
       c. Sixteen
       d. Nine

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