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History Trivia Questions #33

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54 AD - Nero is infamous for killing his own mother.The last in the Julio-Claudian dynasty, when was Nero the Emperor of Rome?

a. 267 BC
b. 109 BC
c. 270 AD
d. 54 AD

Attila - Attila ruled with his brother Bleda, who died mysteriously.One of the most feared enemies of the Roman Empire, which of these individuals was the King of the Huns?

a. Nero
b. Charlemagne
c. Attila
d. Genghis

Phoenicians - This city-state was founded in the ninth century BC.Which ancient Semitic civilization founded the ancient city of Carthage?

a. Romans
b. Incans
c. Chinese
d. Phoenicians

Belize - British Honduras was renamed to Belize in 1973.Which nation used to be called the British Honduras?

a. Congo
b. Ethiopia
c. Chile
d. Belize

Poland - The first known king of the Vandals was Wisimar.Establishing kingdoms in Spain and Africa, the Vandals originally came from which region?

a. Japan
b. Poland
c. India
d. South America

Amerigo Vespucci - Amerigo was born in 1454 in Florence, Italy.Which explorer discovered the mouth of the Amazon River sometime around 1500?

a. Anthony van Diemen
b. James Cook
c. Sebastian Cabot
d. Amerigo Vespucci

Sherman - Atlanta fell in 1864.Which General was responsible for the burning of Atlanta during the Civil War?

a. Sherman
b. Jefferson
c. Grant
d. Lee

St. Petersburg - The city was once called Leningrad.Currently the second largest city in Russia, which of these cities was founded by Peter the Great in 1703?

a. St. Petersburg
b. Moscow
c. Perm
d. Novosibirsk

Dwight Eisenhower - D-Day occurred on June 6th 1944.Who was the commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force on D-Day?

a. Harry Truman
b. Douglas MacArthur
c. Dwight Eisenhower
d. Winston Churchill

Italy - Italy was lead by Benito Mussolini.Which country declared war on France and Britain on the 10th of June 1940?

a. Egypt
b. Italy
c. Russia
d. Greece

King Harold II - The Battle of Hasting occurred in 1066.Fought during the Norman conquest of England, who lead the Anglo-Saxon army at the Battle of Hastings?

a. Richard the Lionhearted
b. King Charles I
c. King Harold II
d. Charlemagne

Naoto Kan - Hideki Tojo was the Prime Minister during WWII.Who was the Prime Minister of Japan in 2010?

a. Hideki Tojo
b. Tanaka Gilichi
c. Inukai Tsuyoshi
d. Naoto Kan

War of 1812 - The Anthem was written by Francis Scott Key.America's national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, was written during which war?

a. War of 1812
b. War of Independence
c. Korean War
d. US Civil War

Confucius - Confucius' name was Kong Qiu. He is also referred to as Kong Fuzi.Who is known by the Chinese as Kongzi?

a. Li Si
b. Attila
c. Khan
d. Confucius

1987 - Andy Warhol is known for his work in Pop Art.In which year did American artist Andy Warhol die?

a. 1987
b. 1967
c. 1973
d. 1954

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