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England - Today, Portland cement is about 60 percent lime, 25 percent silica, 5 percent alumina and 10 percent other materials, such as gypsum, which controls how it hardens. In 1824, a bricklayer, Joseph Aspdin, invented Portland cement, named for stone quarried on the Isle of Portland. Where is Portland?

a. Oregon
b. England
c. Ontario
d. Maine

Marcel Duchamp - Marcel Duchamp was a French-American painter, sculptor and writer.In 1917, who signed a urinal as "R Mutt" and called it "Fountain Urinal"?

a. Joan Miro
b. Salvador Dali
c. Marcel Duchamp
d. Georges Braque

Manhattan - It was a truck farm at 213th Street and Broadway.In 1930, Joe Benedetto finally sold the last farm on what US island?

a. Puerto Rico
b. Manhattan
c. Oahu
d. Martha's Vineyard

His 125 IQ was too high - Jordan became a prison guard, instead. Many other US departments are abandoning cognitive tests altogether, for fear of civil rights lawsuits.Why did the police force in New London, Connecticut, refuse to hire Robert Jordan?

a. His 125 IQ was too high
b. He was really Abdullah Tariq
c. He was a gay
d. He was an ex-member of a street gang

Geneva - The League of Nations was the first international organization put together for the purpose of maintaining world peace.From 1920 to 1946, what city was home to the League of Nations?

a. Geneva
b. London
c. New York City
d. Strasbourg

Urban vs. non-urban - Many believe sociology itself was impossible until the French Revolution, when industrialism created a society that could change quickly, and which provided the scientific tools to describe that change.Broadly speaking, what is the difference between sociology and anthropology?

a. Society vs. individual
b. Modern vs. ancient
c. Public (work, politics) vs. private (household, family)
d. Urban vs. non-urban

Genovia - She is the unwitting heir of the House of Renaldi in Genovia, as the only daughter of the late crown prince and his divorced wife.Mia Thermopolis turns out to be Amelia Migonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo, the unwitting heir of the House of Renaldi in what country?

a. Gwynedd
b. Genovia
c. Camelot
d. Arnor

A text - In music, an incipit can refer to the opening notes of a musical composition.From Latin for "It begins," an incipit usually begins something. What?

a. A Catholic mass
b. An opera
c. A stage play
d. A text

An official copy of the Declaration of Independence - The document was put up for sale again in June 2000. This time around, it fetched $8.14 million.Later to be purchased by financial analyst Donald Scheer for 2.4 million at auction, what did a lucky bargain-hunter find under a framed picture purchased for $4 at a flea market in Adamstown in 1989?

a. A codex of Leonardo da Vinci's architectural drawings
b. Evidence that the Rosenbergs had been guilty all along
c. An official copy of the Declaration of Independence
d. Homer Winslow's only self-portrait

Velvet - This tufted fabric is woven on a special loom.The name of what fabric is also the name of the soft vascular skin that nourishes the developing antlers of deer?

a. Velvet
b. Wool
c. Serge
d. Silk

Chess - Its name is German for 'war game' and it was used in the 1800s to train military officers in operations through the 'fog of war'.Kriegspiel is an odd version of what game, using two boards, in which neither player can see the other's pieces and a third person officiates?

a. Backgammon
b. Poker
c. Cribbage
d. Chess

Tell time - A clepsydra refers to any timepiece in which time is measured by the regulated flow of liquid.With a name meaning "water stealing," a clepsydra would be used to do what?

a. Bathe
b. Play music
c. Irrigate a farm
d. Tell time

Brahmans (priests and scholars) - The Aryans divided Hindu society into castes, each of which developed its own rules limiting social contact with other castes. The castes are meant to reflect the body of Brahma, the creator. Caste rules even define who may cook for you and what food you can eat. Which of these people are at the top of the Hindu caste system?

a. Kshatriyas (rulers and warriors)
b. Vaisyas (merchants and professionals)
c. Sudras (workers)
d. Brahmans (priests and scholars)

Tall thin spires of rock - They are formed by eolian (wind) erosion.Found in Utah, Bryce Canyon National Park is more of an amphitheater than a canyon, and is famous for its hoodoos. What are hoodoos?

a. An isolated hill with steep sides and a flat top
b. A rock arch
c. Tall thin spires of rock
d. A glacially over-deepened valley

Dennis Rodman - Dennis was also a part-time professional wrestler.Which NBA's star first name is derived from that of the Greek god of wine and partying?

a. Dennis Rodman
b. Alan Iverson
c. Michael Jordan
d. Larry Bird

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