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Hard Trivia Questions IX

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Clavicle - The clavicle serves as a strut between the scapula and the sternum.On a dark night after Thanksgiving, you're ambushed by rogue turkeys, who want to pull apart your wishbone. What bone will they be looking for?

a. Sternum
b. Ilium
c. Scapula
d. Clavicle

Making dollhouse dioramas of murder scenes - She also founded the Harvard Associates in Police Science (HAPS) Seminar.Frances Glessner was born in 1878 to the founder of International Harvester. She is best remembered for what ghoulish hobby, which advanced the study of forensic criminology?

a. Sketching tire tracks
b. Making dollhouse dioramas of murder scenes
c. Collecting murder weapons
d. Taking crime scene photos

Pacific - He was also the first to fly across Australia, but he vanished in 1935 over the Bay of Bengal.In 1928, an Australian named Charles Kingsford-Smith and his crew became the first people to fly across what ocean?

a. Arctic
b. Indian
c. Pacific
d. Atlantic

Atlanta and the New South - Mailer compared the 1998 work to 'sex with a 300-pound woman'. Irving called it 'journalistic hyperbole described as fiction'. Updike wrote in the New Yorker that it 'amounts to entertainment, not literature, even literature in a modest aspirant form'. Wolfe compared the titans to the Three Stooges.Mocked by such writers as John Updike, Norman Mailer and John Irving, "A Man in Full" by Tom Wolfe was a novel set in what part of the US?

a. Kansas City and the Bible Belt
b. Atlanta and the New South
c. Boston and New England
d. Pittsburgh and the Rust Belt

Camping stuff - Abercrombie founded the company in 1892 and named it for himself. Finch, a lawyer, had been one of his biggest customers.Originally, what did David Abercrombie and Ezra Fitch sell from their New York City store?

a. Camping stuff
b. Sundry food items
c. Magazines, books and newspapers
d. Ladies unmentionables

Panama - In fact, Panama doesn't even print the balboa anymore.What country pegs its balboa to the US dollar, which can be used freely throughout it?

a. Colombia
b. Argentina
c. Panama
d. Venezuela

Solving cold cases - Many of America's top detectives, lawyers and forensic experts would meet once a month for lunch at the Public Ledger Building, near Independence Hall, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.The Vidocq Society is made up of professionals who volunteer their skills for what purpose?

a. Helping minority businesses
b. Treating ill foreigners
c. Solving cold cases
d. Defending the innocent

A sense organ that detects changes in water - They can 'touch' objects at a distance, based on disturbances in the water.What would a fish use its lateral line as?

a. A gizzard to digest food
b. A bladder that helps them swim
c. A lure to catch prey
d. A sense organ that detects changes in water

Wales - Wales has over 750 miles of coastline and is mostly mountainous.Whose "Red Dragon Flag" includes a red dragon called Y Ddraig Goch?

a. Scotland
b. Nepal
c. Wales
d. Burma

US Coast Guard - The US Coast Guard is one of the seven U.S. uniformed services.The motto of the US Marine Corps is "Semper Fidelis", meaning "Always Faithful". What branch's motto is "Semper Paratus", which means "Always Prepared"?

a. US Navy
b. US Army
c. US Air Force
d. US Coast Guard

Yuppies - Yuppies are often mocked for their hunger for social status among their peers.Technically called myalgic encephalomyelitis, chronic fatigue syndrome used to be nicknamed as whose flu?

a. Preppies
b. Yuppies
c. Puppies
d. Hippies

Boa constrictor - Karpov was the official world chess champion from 1975 to 1985.Anatoly Karpov became famous for a chess style named for which snake?

a. Python
b. Cobra
c. Boa constrictor
d. Anaconda

Studebaker - Studebaker was founded in 1852.Despite the rise of Mussolini just a few months before, what car company released the Dictator in 1927?

a. Chrysler
b. General Motors
c. Studebaker
d. Ford

The future Queen Elizabeth - The Queen's accession was on 6 February 1952.From March to May of 1945, what 18-year-old served in Britain's Auxiliary Territorial Service as a driver and car mechanic?

a. Kurt Vonnegut
b. The future Queen Elizabeth
c. Margaret Thatcher
d. Peter O'Toole

Trivia, because of her wide learning - A polymath is a person whose knowledge spans a considerable number of different subject areas.History and math may be different subjects, but a polyhistor is the same thing as a polymath. What would such a person be good at it?

a. Trivia, because of her wide learning
b. Sports, because of his coordination
c. Romance, because of her smooth moves
d. Sales, because of his communications skills

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