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Dog - Kalbar was a Great Dane that belonged to Rudolph Valentino.Often seen in a cemetery, what is "Kalbar"?

a. Dog
b. Horse
c. Monkey
d. Cat

Measure electrically charged objects - Ghost hunters believe that ghosts have an electronically charged field. They use an EMF to measure change and movement in a location.Part of a ghost hunter's gear, what do EMFs do?

a. Measure change in pressure
b. Measure electrically charged objects
c. Measure change in the light spectrum
d. Measure change in temperature

The Doors - Unreleased poetry from Jim Morrison was used for the song.Which band recorded "The Ghost Song" on their album An American Prayer in 1978, seven years after their singer's death Jim Morrison?

a. Jefferson Airplane
b. Deep Purple
c. Pink Floyd
d. The Doors

The ghost of a woman who died in childbirth - A langsuir is normally seeking revenge.What is a "Langsuir"?

a. A wild beast ghost
b. A shade that haunts waterholes
c. A child ghost
d. The ghost of a woman who died in childbirth

They were lepers - The movie features a killer fog that contains zombie-like ghosts.What was ailing the people on the ship in the 1980 movie "The Fog"?

a. They had the plague
b. They were lepers
c. They had been infected with a nerve gas
d. They had scarlet fever

A vampiric - Pontianaks are part of Indonesian mythology.What kind of ghost is a "Pontianak"?

a. A simple orb
b. A war ghost
c. A kind of poltergeist
d. A vampiric

Montgomery Cliff - Montgomery stayed in the hotel for three months while filming 'From Here to Eternity'.Whose ghost might you come across in room 928 of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel?

a. Fred Astaire
b. Bing Crosby
c. Will Rogers
d. Montgomery Cliff

Banker - Sam is seeking to protect his girlfriend Molly.In the classic 1990 movie "Ghost," what was Sam's occupation?

a. Football player
b. Doctor
c. Journalist
d. Banker

Ivan the Terrible - It is said that Ivan is not the only ghost in the residence. The ghost of Lenin has also been seen.Who is said to haunt the Kremlin?

a. Ivan the Terrible
b. Catherine the Great
c. Stalin
d. Rasputin

Stan Jones - More than 50 different artists and bands have recorded versions of the song.Recorded by many artists throughout the years, who composed the apocalyptic cowboy song "Ghost Riders in the Sky" in 1948?

a. Ken Curtis
b. Ben Johnson
c. Stan Jones
d. Harry Carey, Jr.

Single young women - Young girls would perform the ritual in hopes of seeing their future husband. If they saw a skull, they would die before they married.According to tradition, who is supposed to invoke Bloody Mary?

a. Young men
b. Single young women
c. Married women wanting children
d. Men or women seeking fame

America - Queen Esther was an Iroquois woman. Her ghost is said to mourn the death of her village. She can be seen near Athens, Pennsylvania.Where could you see the ghost of Queen Esther?

a. America
b. Spain
c. France
d. Ireland

Three - Dickens completed the story in six weeks.How many ghosts make an appearance to Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens' 1843 novella, "A Christmas Carol"?

a. Two
b. One
c. Three
d. Four

Canada - Sister Marie was found beheaded. Her ghost is said to be searching for her head, which was never found. Where would you go if you wanted to see the ghost of the "Headless Nun"?

a. America
b. Canada
c. Scotland
d. France

EVP Recorder - An EVP is a device that measures electronic voice phenomena.What do paranormal investigators use to record sounds?

a. ELP Recorder
b. EMF Recorder
c. EMP Recorder
d. EVP Recorder

Nero - To stop the ghost, people chopped down the tree, dug up Nero's bones, and threw them in the river. This did not work and the ghost of Nero still appears.Whose ghost did people try to stop from appearing by chopping down a large oak tree that grew on his grave?

a. Robert the Bruce
b. Nero
c. John Wilkes Booth
d. Richard the Lionhearted

A mortuary - In this thriller, the Campbell family learns that their home was once a funeral parlor and that one of its former residents was a satanic messenger.In the movie, "The Haunting in Connecticut," what was the family home once used for?

a. An orphanage
b. A mortuary
c. A courthouse
d. A civil war hospital

A chicken - It is said that the chicken disappears when anyone tries to catch it.What strange ghost haunts an area of Highgate Square, London?

a. A chicken
b. A wolf
c. A pregnant woman
d. A headless child

The Fat Lady - The Fat Lady was a painting, not a ghost.In the Harry Potter movies, which of these ghosts could not be found at Hogwarts?

a. The Grey Lady
b. The Bloody Baron
c. The Fat Lady
d. Nearly Headless Nick

Blackbeard aka Edward Teach - It is said that on a moonlit night, his headless ghost can be seen swimming. Whose ghost has been seen swimming in Ocracoke Island Cove?

a. Blackbeard aka Edward Teach
b. Napoleon Bonaparte
c. Kublai Khan
d. Marie Antoinette

Malcolm Crowe - Directed by M. Night Shyamlan, Ghost was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture.Whom does Bruce Willis play in the 1999 ghost movie "The Sixth Sense"?

a. Doug Masterson
b. Joe Colton
c. Malcolm Crowe
d. John McClane

Tennessee - The Bell family thought they were being haunted by Kate Batts.Where did the "Bell Witch" haunting occur?

a. Tennessee
b. Maine
c. Vermont
d. Kansas

Jim Craddock - The Gentleman Ghost first appeared in Flash Comics #88 in October of 1947.A super villain found in the DC comic books, what is the name of the "Gentleman Ghost"?

a. Paul Gilbert
b. Gary Wright
c. Jim Craddock
d. Robert Campbell

Phasmophobia - It is also sometimes referred to as spectrophobia, which is also the fear of mirrors and one's own image.What is the fear of ghosts called?

a. Ecophobia
b. Gynophobia
c. Phasmophobia
d. Algophobia

Casper - Depicted as a portly little boy, 'Casper the Friendly Ghost' made his debut in a book titled 'The Friendly Ghost' in 1938.Who is known as the "Friendly Ghost"?

a. Casper
b. Yoda
c. Chucky
d. Holly

Bill Murray - Ghostbusters was written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis.Released in 1984, which of the following actors played the role of "Dr. Peter Venkman" in the 1984 supernatural comedy film, "Ghostbusters"?

a. Bill Murray
b. Dan Aykroyd
c. Harold Ramis
d. Rick Moranis

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