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General Knowledge Trivia Questions E65

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Dorval - Coded YUL, it is technically in Dorval, but part of it is in St Laurent.What Canadian airport was renamed for Pierre Trudeau?

a. Mirabel
b. Ottawa International
c. Toronto Island
d. Dorval

Columbia - It is northwest of Spokane.Built by industrialist Henry Kaiser, the Grand Coulee Dam creates a reservoir called Franklin Delano Roosevelt Lake on what river in Washington State?

a. Columbia
b. Colorado
c. Yakima
d. Snake

South Africa - Established in 1926, the park lies in the north-east of South Africa.Where would you use some rands to get into Kruger National Park, home to 140 mammal species?

a. South Africa
b. Zimbabwe
c. Uganda
d. Kenya

Hell - In Greek mythology, Charon is the ferryman who ferries the dead to the underworld.If you're taking a boat ride with Charon, where are you going?

a. Atlantis
b. Moon
c. Hell
d. Sparta

Geneva - Geneva hosts the highest number of international organisations in the world.Although Switzerland wasn't a UN member until 2002, which Swiss city has been the HQ for such UN agencies as the World Health Organization and the International Labor Organization?

a. The Hague
b. Geneva
c. Zurich
d. Strasbourg

Not changing your name when you marry - Women changed their names because they were the property of their husbands. Stone shocked 19th-century America by refusing to do so.Named for a 19th-century feminist, what does the Lucy Stone League promote?

a. Reproductive choice
b. Not changing your name when you marry
c. Equal pay for equal work
d. Using the right to vote

Wasp - It was first manufactured in Genoa in 1946 by Piaggio.The Vespa motor scooter was named for its resemblance to what creature?

a. Poison ivy
b. Lizard
c. Lion
d. Wasp

National Geographic - The picture was taken after her parents were both killed in a Soviet air raid on their Afghan village.Seventeen years after her photo was taken by Steve McCurry in 1985, the green-eyed Afghan girl was discovered to be Sharbat Gula. On what magazine's cover did her photo appear?

a. Time
b. Scientific American
c. National Geographic
d. Life

Esperanto - Today, the stronghold for this language is the People's Republic of China.If you wear a green star, you are indicating that you speak what language?

a. Arabic
b. Polari
c. Klingon
d. Esperanto

Killer whale - It is technically an oceanic dolphin, not a whale.Their name notwithstanding, what is the largest member of the Delphinidae (dolphin) family?

a. Great white shark
b. Killer whale
c. Minke whale
d. Bottle-nosed dolphin

Breck - At the age of 17, Roma Armstrong became the first Breck Girl in 1937.What hair care product was named for the Massachusetts firefighter who hoped it would reverse his baldness?

a. L'Oreal
b. Clairol
c. Vidal Sassoon
d. Breck

January and November - In January, the US celebrates New Year's Day and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.Only two months have two US federal holidays each. What are they?

a. September and November
b. January and November
c. May and September
d. January and May

FBI - Holden killed his wife and two of her brothers during a drunken family argument on June 6, 1949.Triple-murderer Thomas James Holden topped what organization's first most-wanted list, which was issued on March 14, 1950?

a. Interpol
b. FBI
c. Scotland Yard
d. CIA

Richard Nixon - During his retirement, Nixon published nine books.Who is the only US president to resign from office?

a. Bill Clinton
b. James A. Garfield
c. Andrew Johnson
d. Richard Nixon

Metronome - A metronome produces regular audible ticks and is settable in beats per minute.What is the name of the clock-like device that musicians use to measure time?

a. Metronome
b. Actinometer
c. Pycnometer
d. Tintometer

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