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Cartoons Trivia Questions #5

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Dr. Claw - Dr Claw has a cat that is called Madcat.Who is Inspector Gadget's arch nemesis?

a. Beastly
b. Doc Oc
c. Shredder
d. Dr. Claw

Rainbow - When the Care Bears originally launched, there was ten main bears.What does Cheer Bear have for her "belly badge"?

a. A smiling sun
b. Rainbow
c. A cupcake
d. Two red hearts

Castle Grayskull - He-man lives on the planet Eternia. What is the name of the castle that He-man protects?

a. Castle Anvard
b. Castle Grayskull
c. The Dark Tower
d. Black Rock

Dino - Dino is their purple pet dinosaur.What is the name of the Flintstone's pet?

a. Dino
b. Dudley
c. Bam-Bam
d. Barney

Thundera - Their leader Jaga died on the journey to Third Earth.What planet did the Thundercats have to evacuate before it was destroyed?

a. Narnia
b. Thundera
c. Panam
d. Krypton

April - The turtles are lead by Splinter.In the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, what is the name of the girl reporter?

a. April
b. Angie
c. Agnus
d. Amanda

Milhouse - The Simpsons is the longest running sitcom on television.What is the name of Bart Simpson's best friend?

a. Barney
b. Nelson
c. Milhouse
d. Rodd

Mystery Machine - Scooby has a nephew named Scrappy.What is the name of the van on the show "Scooby Doo"?

a. Ecto
b. Mystery Machine
c. Scooby Van
d. The Case Closer

Zany - The Animaniacs aired between 1993 and 1998.Which is NOT the name of one of the Animaniacs?

a. Zany
b. Wakko
c. Dot
d. Yakko

Roger - Klause is the name of their talking fish.What is the name of the alien in the adult animated sitcom, "American Dad"?

a. Steve
b. Roger
c. Stan
d. Klause

Dee Dee - Dexter is a boy genius that performs various experiments in his secret lab.What is the name of Dexter's annoying sister in "Dexter's Laboratory"?

a. Blossom
b. Vikki
c. Dee Dee
d. Daphne

Pickles - Elizabeth Daily was the voice for Tommy Pickles.What is the last name of Tommy in the animated television series, "Rugrats"?

a. Doyle
b. Pickles
c. Deville
d. Finster

Caitlin - Jude was working at the hockey rink as the Zamboni driver.In the show 6teen, which character works at the "Big Squeeze"?

a. Nikki
b. Wyatt
c. Jude
d. Caitlin

Sharon Spitz - The voice was provided by Alicia Silverstone.What is the name of the main girl in the Canadian cartoon, "Brace Face"?

a. Sharon Spitz
b. Nina Harper
c. Maria Wong
d. Katie Griffin

He is missing his arms and legs - The Oblongs is a family that has been deformed by toxic waste.What condition does the father suffer from in the "Oblongs"?

a. He is missing his arms and legs
b. He is actually a Siamese twin
c. He is blind and deaf
d. Missing half of his face

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