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Cartoons Trivia Questions III

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The Tracy Ullman Show - The producer of the show, James L. Brooks, wanted to slot in short animated cartoons.The Simpson first appeared on which show?

       a. The Tracy Ullman Show
       b. The Bob Newhart show
       c. The Cosby Show
       d. The Mary Tyler More Show

Pineapple - SpongeBob and his pals live in Bikini city. SpongeBob lives in what kind of fruit?

       a. Breadfruit
       b. Pineapple
       c. Star fruit
       d. Kiwi

Irk - This show debuted in 2001.Invader Zim comes from which planet?

       a. Irk
       b. Turk
       c. Ork
       d. Arks

Private - Snafu is an acronym for situation normal all fouled up.Snafu was a character that was distributed by the US Army. What was his rank?

       a. General
       b. Sergeant
       c. Private
       d. Major

Sneezing - Whenever the dragon sneezed fire shot out of his nose.Yosemite Sam owned a dragon in the cartoon Knightly Knight Bugs. What was the dragon's problem?

       a. Sneezing
       b. Stuttering
       c. Falling asleep
       d. Cross eyed

Henery - Henery first appeared in Squawkin' Hawk.What is the name of the chicken hawk that is determined to eat Foghorn Leghorn?

       a. Charles
       b. Henery
       c. Samuel
       d. Stimpy

Naruto - This show revolves around the training of three young ninjas.Which series was created by Masashi Kishimoto?

       a. Naruto
       b. One Piece
       c. Pokemon
       d. Claymore

Bleach - Bleach debuted in 2004.Ichago and Rukia are characters on which show?

       a. Shaman King
       b. Bleach
       c. Kanon
       d. Samurai 7

Cindy - Cindy was re-done in the 1960s.Who is Yogi Bear's girlfriend?

       a. Cindy
       b. Sarah
       c. Molly
       d. Brenda

Red - Papa Smurf also wears red pants.What color hat does Papa Smurf wear?

       a. Red
       b. Yellow
       c. Dark blue
       d. Light green

Detectives - They were a part of The Clue Club.What was the occupation of Woofer and Wimper?

       a. Chefs
       b. Detectives
       c. Musicians
       d. Surfers

A mouse - Jerry was on the show Tom and Jerry.What kind of animal is Jerry?

       a. A mouse
       b. A dragon
       c. A canary
       d. An owl

Evel Knievel - Evel was born in 1938 in Butte, Montana. Which real person inspired the animated show Devlin?

       a. Evel Knievel
       b. Harry Houdini
       c. Mohammad Ali
       d. Cat Stevens

Cave Kids - This show debuted in 1996.What was the name of the spin-off which featured Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles?

       a. Teen-Stones
       b. Cave Kids
       c. Teenrock
       d. The Young Stones

Bulbasaur - Bulbasaur can survive for days without having to eat.Which Pokemon is frequently listed as number one?

       a. Metapod
       b. Rattata
       c. Bulbasaur
       d. Weedle

Goku - Goku had originally been sent to destroy the planet. On the show Dragon Ball Z, who is Earth's defender?

       a. Trunks
       b. Puar
       c. Goku
       d. Chi-Chi

A bird - Cornbread was a bluebird, which starred in a few of the Warner Brothers cartoons.What kind of animal is Cornbread?

       a. A worm
       b. A rabbit
       c. A bird
       d. A possum

Dodsworth - Tina is a duck, Tom is a turkey and Hosea is a crow. Dodsworth is a cat.Warner Brothers produced hundreds of animal cartoons. Which of these characters is not a bird?

       a. Tina Russo
       b. Dodsworth
       c. Hosea
       d. Tom

A cat - Fred ends up being locked out of the house.What kind of animal does Fred Flintstone put outside at the end of every episode?

       a. A cat
       b. A stegosaur
       c. A Dodo bird
       d. A sabre rat

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