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Elphaba - Elphaba was the green woman that later became the wicked witch of the west! The musical is the story of her life!What is the name of the wicked witch of the west?

a. Galinda
b. Broom-Hilda
c. Elphaba
d. Morrible

Fiyero - Galinda was also in love with Fiyero and is distressed when he chooses Elphaba instead!Elphaba was in love with who?

a. Boq
b. Fiyero
c. The Wizard
d. Doctor Dillamond

A Goat - Doctor Dillamond was a Goat! He was a teacher at Galinda and Elphaba's school.What type of Animal was Doctor Dillamond?

a. A Bear
b. A Dog
c. A Lion
d. A Goat

Boq - Nessarose begins a spell which will rip Boq's heart out and Elphaba must turn him into tin to save him!Which character is turned into the Tinman?

a. Fiyero
b. Madame Morrible
c. Doctor Dillamond
d. Boq

Weather - She was responsible for the tornado that killed Nessarose!Madame Morrible's special talent was controlling what?

a. People
b. Fire
c. Water
d. Weather

Silver Shoes - Her father gave her silver shoes (ruby slippers in The wizard of Oz) and after her death, Elphaba did everything she could to get them back!What gift did Nessarose receive from her father that Elphaba desperately wanted?

a. Golden Ring
b. Emerald Earrings
c. Silver Shoes
d. A Golden Necklace

Galinda - This song symbolized the friendship of Galinda and Elphaba. Before, they were less than friendly acquaintances.Which character sang the famous song "Popular?"

a. Elphaba
b. Nessarose
c. Fiyero
d. Galinda

The Wizard of Oz - We learn that that is the reason she is so powerful. She is a child of two worlds, one being Oz and the other being our (human) world.Who was Elphaba's father?

a. A Munchkin
b. The Wizard of Oz
c. Boq
d. He is never introduced

A broomstick - She uses a broomstick. She first enchanted one to escape from the security while visiting the wizard.Galinda uses a bubble to get around, what is Elphaba's preferred vehicle?

a. A broomstick
b. Teleportation
c. A motorbike
d. She also uses a bubble, a green one

Shiz University - Galinda, Boq, Fiyero, and Elphaba all attend under headmistress Madame Morrible!What school do the characters go to?

a. Ozma Univeristy
b. Emerald Univeristy
c. University of Oz
d. Shiz University

Her mother drank a green elixir - Elphaba learned, with the help of Galinda, that the green elixir her mother drank caused her unique coloring. The wizard (her dad) gave her mother the elixir.Why was Elphaba green?

a. Her mother was a mermaid
b. Unknown
c. Her mother drank a green elixir
d. Her mother ate milkflower

Doctor Dillamond - He could never pronounce it correctly, after he was forced out of Shiz University, she changed it to Glinda to honor him.Who did Galinda change her name for?

a. Doctor Dillamond
b. Fiyero
c. The Wizard
d. Boq

Alli Mauzey - The actresses Idina Menzel and Donna Vivino both played Elphaba!Which of these actresses played Galinda/Glinda?

a. Idina Menzel
b. Christine Dwyer
c. Donna Vivino
d. Alli Mauzey

To meet the wizard - Her biggest goal was to meet the wizard, but when she does, she realizes that he is the one behind the 'silencing' of the Animals, making her hate him.While in Shiz, what was Elphaba's biggest goal?

a. Simply to get by
b. To get the top grades
c. To make new friends
d. To meet the wizard

Grimmerie - She uses this book to cast a spell on a broom and after bidding farewell to Glinda, she leaves Emerald City.What is the name of the spellbook Elphaba uses?

a. Book of Magik
b. Spells of Oz
c. Grimmerie
d. Mystics and Magiks

Nessarose - She was given this title because, as governor, stripped the Munchkins of their rights and treat them poorly.Who is the Wicked Witch of the East?

a. Glinda
b. Nessarose
c. Luna Lovegood
d. Elphaba

The Wizard - After refusing to help him, Elphaba becomes the 'bad guy'. Though, she was never wicked at all.Who begins the "rumor" that Elphaba is a Wicked witch?

a. Doctor Dillamond
b. The Wizard
c. Glinda
d. Nessarose

She pretends to melt - She pretends to melt, but secretly sneaks out a trap door with the help of Fiyero. They leave Oz and presumably live happily ever after.What happens when Dorothy throws water on Elphaba?

a. She turns into flames and disappears
b. She gets out a bar of soap
c. She pretends to melt
d. She melts

A lion cub that Elphaba tried to free - The Lion that Elphaba and Fiyero tried to free becomes the cowardly lion. He was trapped in a cage that would keep him from learning speech.Who becomes the cowardly lion?

a. He was not introduced
b. Madame Morrible
c. A lion cub that Elphaba tried to free
d. Fiyero

Elphaba - 'So if you care to find me, Look to the western sky!rnAs someone told me lately, Everyone deserves the chance to fly!' This is one of the most popular songs in the musical!Who sang "Defying Gravity?"

a. Elphaba
b. Glinda
c. Boq
d. Madame Morrible

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