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Weather Trivia Questions II

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0 degrees centigrade - 0 degrees Kelvin is absolute zero.Which of these is hottest?

       a. 0 degrees Kelvin
       b. 0 degrees Fahrenheit
       c. 0 degrees centigrade
       d. They're the same

Antarctica - Antarctica can get hurricane force winds year round.What is the windiest continent?

       a. North America
       b. Antarctica
       c. Asia
       d. Africa

5.30pm - The fewest occur at 5-6am.Most tornados occur around this time.

       a. Noon
       b. 3.00pm
       c. 5.30pm
       d. 9.30am

Vernal equinox - On March 20-21.The start of spring is the?

       a. Autumnal equinox
       b. Infernal equinox
       c. Vernal equinox
       d. Biannual equinox

Summer - And vice versa.When it's winter in the U.S., what is it in Australia?

       a. Spring
       b. Summer
       c. Winter
       d. Fall

Going North - The equator is 0 degrees latitude.In the U.S., when you are increasing your latitude, you are?

       a. Going North
       b. Going South
       c. Going East
       d. Going West

Anemometer - A barometer measures air pressure.What do you measure wind speed with?

       a. Anemometer
       b. Speedometer
       c. Barometer
       d. Hydrometer

Top of Mount Mckinley - The higher you go, the lower the air pressure.At which location is the air pressure lowest?

       a. Sahara Desert
       b. Top of Mount Mckinley
       c. Sea level
       d. North Pole

USA - 134, in death valley, CA.The hottest temperature ever recorded was here.

       a. Egypt
       b. Australia
       c. USA
       d. Africa

1 mile - Divide the number of seconds by 5.You hear thunder 5 secs. after seeing lightning. How far away is the storm?

       a. 5 miles
       b. 3 miles
       c. 1 mile
       d. 10 miles

70,000 - Hotter than the surface of the sun.How hot is lightning, in Fahrenheit?

       a. 10,000
       b. 70,000
       c. 25,000
       d. 5,000

Sunrise - If the sun never rose, the temperature would keep dropping.The lowest temperature of the day is usually at this time.

       a. 3.00am
       b. Sunrise
       c. Midnight
       d. 10.00pm

Troposphere - It contains 99 percent of the water vapor.The lowest level of our atmosphere is called?

       a. Thermosphere
       b. Troposphere
       c. Exosphere
       d. Stratosphere

Saves gas - It takes less gas to fly thru the thinner atmosphere.Passenger jets fly as high as they do because?

       a. Less noisy
       b. Less traffic
       c. Saves gas
       d. Less pollution

261 mph - On the 'fujita' scale.An F-5 tornado produces winds above?

       a. 261 mph
       b. 216 mph
       c. 237 mph
       d. 185 mph

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