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Shot - David, the wolf, is shot when cornered by the police.In the classic film "American Werewolf in London", how is the werewolf killed?

a. Escapes
b. Burned
c. Drowns
d. Shot

Explodes - The shark dies when the oxygen tank in its mouth is shot and explodes.How does the shark die in the movie "Jaws"?

a. Explodes
b. Escapes
c. Harpooned
d. Caught in net

Stabbed - The mummy is rendered mortal, and then is stabbed.In the 1999 movie "The Mummy", how does the mummy die?

a. Decapitated by a fan
b. Burned
c. Covered in acid
d. Stabbed

It is flash frozen - The heroes are able to splash the monster with liquid nitrogen, which freezes it.In the 1988 version of "The Blob", how do they destroy the blob?

a. Injected with a virus
b. It is flash frozen
c. It is electrocuted
d. Throw into acid

They burn it - The creature dies in the base camp. In John Carpenter's "The Thing", how do the heroes kill the thing?

a. They electrocute it
b. Shoot it into space
c. They burn it
d. They cut it with a chain saw

Decapitates him - After stabbing the vampire, she cuts off his head.In the movie "Bram Stoker's Dracula", how does Mina kill the vampire?

a. Shoots him
b. Burns him
c. Decapitates him
d. Drowns him

Poison - Dr. Jekyll takes his potion, but it contains a poison, which kills him.In the film Mary Reilly, how does Dr. Henry Jekyll die?

a. Attacked by a pack of wolves
b. Poison
c. Plane crash
d. Escapes

Set free - The huge beast is taken back to Africa to roam free.In the 1998 version of "Mighty Joe Young", what happens to the monster?

a. Shot by the army
b. Drowns in the ocean
c. Set free
d. Falls off a building

He escapes - At the end of the movie, Freddy is seen dragging a girl through a window.In the movie "Nightmare on Elm Street", what happens to Freddy Kruger?

a. He falls into a trash compacter
b. He escapes
c. He is stabbed
d. He is crushed

Decapitation - Alice cuts off Mrs. Voorhees head with a machete.In the 1980 horror film "Friday the 13th", how does the killer die?

a. Jumps off a cliff
b. Shot
c. Decapitation
d. Blown up by a grenade

Hit with a pickaxe - Papa dies when Brenda hits him with a pickaxe.How does Papa Jupiter die in the 2006 version of the movie "The Hills Have Eyes"?

a. Pushed off a cliff
b. Hit with a pickaxe
c. Run over by a steam roller
d. Cut in half by a table saw

Exposed to sunlight - Stripe dies when he is trying to leap into a fountain. Gizmo opens some drapes, which permits the sunlight to reach Stripe.In the classic movie "Gremlins", how is Stripe killed?

a. Shot
b. Sucked into the trash compactor
c. Exposed to sunlight
d. Shredded in a blender

Blown up in a well - Nathan pours gas down the well and then blows it up.In the 1993 movie "The Leprechaun", how is the monster killed?

a. Crushed by a rockslide
b. Burned in a cabin
c. Splashed with acid
d. Blown up in a well

Killed in an explosion - The sheriff attempts to shoot the tiger, but hits a gas tank, which causes a major explosion.In epic film "Maneater", how is the tiger killed?

a. Dies in a fight with a lion
b. Falls into a spike pit
c. Killed in an explosion
d. Electrocuted by a power line

A river of lava - The two monsters die in a river of lava. In the classic cult movie "Rodan", how do the Rodans die?

a. Blown up in factory
b. Killed by lasers
c. Shot down by air planes
d. A river of lava

She crushes it - Sarah is able to crush the mechanical monster in a hydraulic press.How does Sarah Connor destroy the terminator?

a. She decapitates it
b. She crushes it
c. She electrocutes it
d. She shoots it

It falls off a cliff - The heroes are able to herd the creature to a cliff.In the 1990 movie "Tremors", how is the last Graboid killed?

a. It falls off a cliff
b. It drowns
c. It crushed by a steam roller
d. It is killed by land mines

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