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Trivia Questions XIV

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Beatrix - She became the Queen in 1980.Who is the current 2012 Queen of the Netherlands?

       a. Beatrix
       b. Mary
       c. Catherine
       d. Anne

Sweet Pea - Magnolia conveys dignity.Which flower would you send if you wished to convey shyness?

       a. Magnolia
       b. Peony
       c. Sweet Pea
       d. Aster

Backgammon - Backgammon is a game made for two players.Which game includes fifteen tokens and a board?

       a. Backgammon
       b. Parcheesi
       c. Sorry
       d. Othello

First Email - The first email sent was a test email and Tomlinson describes it as insignificant.In 1972, Ray Tomlinson sent the first what?

       a. First Telemessage
       b. First Email
       c. First Telegram
       d. First Letter

Tibet - Visitors are warned before landing that they may feel light headed or dizzy because of the thin air.Considered the world's highest airport, where is Bangda Airport?

       a. Alaska
       b. Tibet
       c. Bolivia
       d. Switzerland

19 - Twenty-five years after her execution, she was declared a martyr.How old was Joan of Arc when she was burned at the stake for heresy?

       a. 24
       b. 22
       c. 19
       d. 26

9 - The 50 stars on the flag represent the 50 states of the United States of America.How many rows of stars can be found on the American flag?

       a. 9
       b. 7
       c. 11
       d. 13

Italian - Australia is the world's sixth-largest country by total area.English is the most spoken language in Australia. What is the second most spoken?

       a. German
       b. French
       c. Italian
       d. Spanish

New York - Dubbed the Fight of the Century, Ali lost the bout in 15 rounds.With guaranteed purses of $2.5 million each, where did Muhamed Ali and Joe Frazier meet in the ring for the first time?

       a. New York
       b. Boston
       c. Washington
       d. Edmonton

Salt - There are six Grand Sumo tournaments in Japan each year.What are Sumo wrestlers known to sprinkle into the ring before they fight?

       a. Salt
       b. Sand
       c. Sugar
       d. Pepper

Honda Knot - The lasso is a well-known tool of the American cowboy.What knot is used to make a lasso?

       a. Honda Knot
       b. Clove Hitch
       c. Better Bow
       d. Mooring Hitch

Artemis - She rode a chariot pulled by horned does, alongside 10 hounds she got from Pan, plus she used a silver bow and arrows.What Greek goddess did the hunting while her twin brother Apollo stayed at home and did the singing?

       a. Aphrodite
       b. Demeter
       c. Artemis
       d. Diana

Nike - She was a graphic design student who met Knight while he was teaching accounting part-time at Portland State.What company paid Portland art student Carolyn Davidson just $35 for its famous "swoosh" logo, although in 1983 she got some stock as well?

       a. Nike
       b. Microsoft
       c. Coca-Cola
       d. Enron

Ten-gallon hat - It is better known as a Stetson or as a the cowboy hat. The gallon in this case is Spanish for 'braid'.What kind of hat can purportedly hold 37.85 litres of liquid?

       a. Ten-gallon hat
       b. Quart hat
       c. Half-pint hat
       d. Stetson

Oscar de la Renta - He (de la Renta, that is) was known for the gypsy look in the 1970s and for opulent eveningwear.What designer from the Dominican Republic is easily confused with a Los Angeles boxer?

       a. Oscar de la Renta
       b. Armando Gucci
       c. Miuccia Prada
       d. Gianni Versace

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