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Paridot - Peridot only comes in various shades of green.Which of these stones is green?

       a. Garnet
       b. Paridot
       c. Lapis lazuli
       d. Amaber

The Bay of Bengal - This huge body of water is 2.2 million square kilometers.What is the largest Bay in the world?

       a. The Bay of Bengal
       b. Hermitage Bay
       c. Grand Bay
       d. The Bay of Biscay

Hans Christen Anderson - Anderson also wrote The Little Match Girl and The Snow Queen.Who wrote the classic tale Thumbelina?

       a. Charles Dickens
       b. Hans Christen Anderson
       c. Beatrice Potter
       d. The Grimm Brothers

Black - This law was passed to stop the outrageous attempts of nobles trying to outdo each other with elaborate gondolas. This decree came into effect in the 16th century.In Venice, many people travel by gondola. What color are these boats?

       a. Black
       b. Red
       c. Blue
       d. Green

California - Big Foot is also called a Sasquatch.Big foot is considered to be an endangered animal species. Which US state was the first to place big foot on its protected animal list?

       a. California
       b. Alaska
       c. Colorado
       d. Washington

Failed to sign his scorecard - It was discovered that Lee had not signed the card. Instead, it had been signed by Tom Weiskopf.In 1981, Lee Trevino was disqualified from a PGA Tournament. What did he do?

       a. Swore at an official
       b. Failed to sign his scorecard
       c. Did not show up at the scheduled tee off time
       d. Was wearing inappropriate clothes

Rob Lowe - Rob Lowe sang this classic with a singer dressed as Snow white.Which superstar sang Proud Mary at the 1989 Oscars?

       a. Rob Lowe
       b. Sean Penn
       c. Kevin Costner
       d. Michael J. Fox

Egypt - The Valley of the Kings is where many of the pharaohs were buried.In which county would you find the Valley of the Kings?

       a. Egypt
       b. Kenya
       c. England
       d. Scotland

General Lee - Lee was a general for the south during the American Civil War.Who said, "Make your sons Americans."?

       a. Abraham Lincoln
       b. General Lee
       c. John F. Kennedy
       d. George Washington

Wuthering Heights - This novel was written by Emily Bronte. She used the penname Ellis Bell.In which classic tale would you find the character Heathcliff?

       a. A Tale of Two Cities
       b. The Great Gatsby
       c. Wuthering Heights
       d. The sun also Rises

Mercury - Mercury is commonly used in thermometers. What is the only metal, which is a liquid at room temperature?

       a. Lead
       b. Gallium
       c. Mercury
       d. Bismuth

Water - Prolonged exposure to solid dihydrogen monoxide can damage tissues. Excessive use leads to increased sweating and urination, but long-time users who withdraw face certain death!In 1990, Eric Lechner and Nathan Zohner started a campaign at Santa Cruz against dihydrogen monoxide, which erodes soil, corrodes metal, is fatal if inhaled and is found in cancerous tumors. What is dihydrogen monoxide?

       a. Ammonia
       b. Sulfuric oxide
       c. Water
       d. Hydrogen chloride

Justin Timberlake - The exposed nipple shield lead to an immediate crackdown by the Federal Communications Commission.While performing a duet, Janet Jackson's breast, adorned with a nipple shield, was exposed at the 2004 Super Bowl. Whom was she performing with?

       a. Usher
       b. Justin Timberlake
       c. Paul McCartney
       d. Lenny Kravitz

Catholic clergy - It is purple for bishops, red for cardinals and white for the pope.Who would most likely wear a skullcap called a zucchetto?

       a. Catholic clergy
       b. Divers and swimmers
       c. European Jews
       d. Arab women

Planets - The amusing xkcd variation is this - Mary's virgin explanation made Joseph suspect upstairs neighbor.My very excellent memory just served up eight. What extra word can be tagged on to this number, which tells you what the list defines?

       a. Planets
       b. Bones
       c. Eras
       d. Gods

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