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Superheroes Trivia Quiz IV

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Captain America - The shield can also be used as a weapon.Which superhero carries an indestructible shield?

a. The Green Lantern
b. The Red Tornado
c. Captain America
d. Captain Flag

Catwoman - Catwoman was a whip carrying villainesses when she was first introduced. Which character is often romantically paired with Batman?

a. Miss America
b. Catwoman
c. Hawkgirl
d. The Black Canary

Plastic Man - Plastic man was shot during a robbery while he and his gang were trying to escape.Which superhero started out as a petty criminal?

a. The Blue Knight
b. Spiderman
c. The Atom
d. Plastic Man

The Atom - The Atom has the ability to become incredibly small.Which superhero's alter ego is Raymond Palmer?

a. Hawkman
b. The Tornado
c. The Atom
d. The Green Arrow

Spiderman - The line is attributed to his Uncle Ben.Which superhero is associated with the phrase, "With great power there must also come great responsibility"?

a. Hell Boy
b. Batman
c. The Hulk
d. Spiderman

The Flash - Flash has super speed and super human reflexes.Which superhero is nicknamed the "Scarlett Speedster"?

a. The Flash
b. Speedball
c. Stardust
d. The Thing

Daredevil - Daredevil was blinded by radioactive materials, which fell off a truck. Which superhero is dubbed the "Man without Fear"?

a. The Flash
b. Green Lantern
c. Daredevil
d. Wolverine

The Beast - The beast has genius level intellect. Which superhero is the medical doctor for the X-men?

a. Ice Man
b. Shadowcat
c. Storm
d. The Beast

The Chief of Police - She is the daughter of Gotham City police commissioner James Gordon.Who is Batgirl's father (Barbara Gordon)?

a. The Chief of Police
b. Batman's Butler
c. The Governor
d. The Mayor

The Green Lantern - Different rings are created by the Guardians of the Universe.Which superhero gains his power from a ring?

a. Dazzler
b. Storm
c. The Hulk
d. The Green Lantern

Strom - Strom is one of the X-men. Her abilities also include resistance to the weather and flight.Which superhero can manipulate the weather?

a. The Atom
b. Strom
c. The Tornado
d. The Thing

Paradise Island - This island was renamed Themiscyra, in 1987.Which Island does Wonder Woman call home?

a. Amazonia
b. Eden Isle
c. Emerald Island
d. Paradise Island

Star City - The Green Arrow's alter ego is Oliver Queen.Where does the Green Arrow operate?

a. Chicago
b. Atlanta
c. Gotham
d. Star City

Captain America - Steve Rogers was altered by the serum to help the United States win World War II.Which superhero was given a special serum to help the war effort?

a. Captain America
b. The Hulk
c. Spiderman
d. Wolfman

The Thing - The Thing was a member of the Fantastic Four.Which Superhero's tagline is "It's clobbering time"?

a. Plastic Man
b. Iron Man
c. The Green Lantern
d. The Thing

Hawkeye - Debuting in 1964, Hawkeye's alter ego is Clint Barton.Which superhero is also known as Ronin and Goliath?

a. Hawkeye
b. Iron Man
c. The Beast
d. Cyclops

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