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Superheroes Trivia Quiz III

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Aquaman - Aquaman first appeared in 1941. He has been dubbed the King of Atlantis.Which superheroes' real name is Arthur Curry?

a. Aquaman
b. The Flash
c. The Falcon
d. Hawkman

The Human Torch - The Human Torch was created by Carl Burgos for Marvel.Which superhero got his powers from a spacecraft that was bombarded by cosmic rays?

a. Ice Man
b. Wolverine
c. Beast
d. The Human Torch

Justice League - Hawkgirl first appeared in 1940. Hawkgirl was a member of which superhero organization?

a. Superfriends
b. Trinity Angels
c. The End League
d. Justice League

Iron Man - Owned by Tony Stark, Stark Industries designs weapons. Stark Industries is owned by which superhero?

a. The Thing
b. Iron Man
c. Captain Flag
d. Batman

The Black Canary - Created by Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infatino, The Black Canary first appeared in 1947.Which female character is often romantically paired with the Green Lantern?

a. Hawkgirl
b. The Huntress
c. The Black Canary
d. Batgirl

Miss America - Miss America gained the power of flight and superhuman strength from this device.Which superhero got their powers from a device that had been struck by lightning?

a. Iron Man
b. The Huntress
c. Miss America
d. Canada Jack

1962 - Spiderman first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15.When did Spiderman first appear?

a. 1967
b. 1973
c. 1954
d. 1962

Barbara Gordon - The character's original name was Betty Kane.What is Batgirl's name?

a. Paula Simpson
b. Jane Clark
c. Lois Lane
d. Barbara Gordon

Dazzler - Dazzler is a member of the X-men.Which superhero is trained as a singer, dancer and roller skater?

a. Miss America
b. Batgirl
c. Cat Woman
d. Dazzler

Hell's Kitchen - Daredevil was designed by Stan Lee and Bill Everett.In which part of New York City would you find Daredevil?

a. The Bronx
b. Manhattan
c. Hell's Kitchen
d. Queens

The Flash - The Flash was created by Gardner fox and Harry Lampert.Which superhero has a lightning bolt on his costume?

a. Flash Gordon
b. Aquaman
c. The Flash
d. The Green Arrow

The Black Marvel - The Black Marvel had to beat 100 challengers as part of his test to become the Black Marvel.Which superhero had to out swim a salmon, outrun a deer and hit a bull's-eye while blindfolded as part of his challenges?

a. The Shadow
b. Plastic Man
c. Captain America
d. The Black Marvel

Wonder Woman - Wonder woman first appeared in 1941.Which superhero has a lasso of truth?

a. Captain America
b. The Phantom
c. Iron Man
d. Wonder Woman

The Green Arrow - The Green Arrow is a billionaire, who uses trick arrows.Which superhero owns Queen Industries?

a. The Avenger
b. Captain America
c. The Green Arrow
d. The Shadow

The Beast - Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, The Beast is a member of the Mutant Team.Which superhero has blue fur, fangs, pointed ears and claws?

a. The Beast
b. The Thing
c. Hawkeye
d. Daredevil

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