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India - The Hulk's appearance was based on Mark Ruffalo's movements and face.What country did Natasha Romanoff find Dr Bruce Banner ("The Avengers")?

       a. Sudan
       b. India
       c. Pakistan
       d. Morocco

Batpod - 'The Dark Knight' holds the box office record for the highest opening weekend, as well as, for opening week.What's the name of Batman's motorcycle ("The Dark Knight")?

       a. Batcycle
       b. Batwing
       c. Batpod
       d. Batmobile

Alkali Lake - The movie was honored by the Political Film Society for touching the problems of peace and human rights.What is the name of the lake where the final scenes of X-Men 2 take place?

       a. Lake Athabasca
       b. Lake Simcoe
       c. Alkali Lake
       d. Smallwood Reservoir

Ivan Vanko - The Grand Prix of Monaco scenes were filmed in the parking lot of Downey Studios, located in California.Who is the villain with the whips in "Iron Man 2"?

       a. Ivan Vanko
       b. Anton Vanko
       c. James Rhodes
       d. Justin Hammer

Martin Sheen - Martin Sheen was not really familiar with Spider-Man prior to the role in the film.Who plays Ben Parker, Peter Parker's uncle ("The Amazing Spider-Man")?

       a. Cliff Robertson
       b. Martin Sheen
       c. Denis Leary
       d. Rhys Ifans

Punisher - The movie starring Thomas Jane was supposed to be Marvel's answer to the new installment of the Batman franchise.Frank Castle is also known as the...

       a. Green Goblin
       b. Flash
       c. Punisher
       d. Blade

A chair - The original title of the comic - 'Hellblazer' - was changed to 'Constantine' because it resembled 'Hellraiser' too much.John Constantine used a certain object to see a vision about the Spear. What object was that?

       a. A bathtub
       b. A table
       c. A chair
       d. A couch

Grigori Rasputin - Grigori Rasputin is the main villain in the 'Hellboy' comic book series.Who was sucked into the portal at the beginning of "Hellboy"?

       a. Ogdru Jahad
       b. Hellboy
       c. Grigori Rasputin
       d. Trevor Bruttenholm

Adrian Veidt a.k.a. Ozymandias - Not only was he of German descent. His parents were Nazi sympathisers, which made Adrien very ashamed.This superhero was said to have German origins ("Watchmen"). Who is it?

       a. Walter Kovacs a.k.a. Rorschach
       b. Adrian Veidt a.k.a. Ozymandias
       c. Jon Osterman a.k.a. Dr Manhattan
       d. Laurie Jusperczyk a.k.a. Silk Spectre

Collectible cards - We can also see Clark Gregg as agent Coulson in 'Thor' as well as 'Iron Man 2'.Agent Coulson was a fan of a certain type of merchandise, associated with a member of the Avengers. What merchandise?

       a. Collectible cards
       b. Lunchboxes
       c. Mugs
       d. Post stamps

Purple - The screenwriter described Mindy as 'genuinely dangerous and genuinely mad'.What was the main color of Hit-Girl ("Kick-Ass")?

       a. Orange
       b. Black
       c. Purple
       d. Red

Kal-El - Marlon Brando, who played Jor-El, fell into a dispute over money after the release of 'Superman'.What is Superman's Krypton name?

       a. Jor-El
       b. Kal-El
       c. Ursa
       d. Non

Batman and Robin - GEORGE Clooney has said that he did not know at first that his infamous Batman outfit would have moulded nipples.Which Batman film featured the infamous nipple suit?

       a. Batman and Robin
       b. Batman Forever
       c. Batman
       d. Batman Begins

Howard Hughes - Howard Hughes was an eccentric millionaire, who was an inventor and a pilot.Who designed the jetpack, which propels the Rocketeer?

       a. Neville Sinclair
       b. Cliff Secord
       c. Howard Hughes
       d. Eddie Valentine

Familiar - Stan Lee was originally supposed to make a cameo in the film, but the scenes did not make it to the final version of the movie.A human that serves vampires in order to become one is called a...? ("Blade")

       a. Familiar
       b. Adept
       c. Gog
       d. Leech

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