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Star Trek The Original Series Quiz

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5 years - It was stated at the beginning of every episode.How long was the USS Enterprise's mission supposed to last?

       a. 3 years
       b. 5 years
       c. 10 years
       d. It was never stated

USS Farragut - At least three different Starfleet ships had the name of USS Farragut.Where did Captain James Kirk serve before the USS Enterprise?

       a. USS Republic
       b. USS Summit
       c. USS Farragut
       d. USS Defiant

Canada - Scotty had a Scottish accent, because according to Doohan people from Scotland make the best engineers.Scotty was played by James Doohan. What country is James originally from?

       a. Scotland
       b. The United States
       c. Canada
       d. Australia

Lewis Carroll - Amanda's last name, after marrying a Vulcan, was nearly unpronounceable to humans.Amanda Grayson, Spock's mother, was very fond of one author. Who was her favorite writer?

       a. Lewis Carroll
       b. Ernest Hemingway
       c. Jack London
       d. William Shakespeare

3 - Although the mission lasted 5 years, the episodes cover only the span of three.The original Star Trek series took place over how many years?

       a. 1
       b. 5
       c. 3
       d. 10

Harcourt Fenton Mudd - Harry Mudd had some bad memories of his second wife.Leo Francis Walsh was a known galactic criminal and a con man. What was his real name?

       a. Roger Charles Carmel
       b. Zefram Cochrane
       c. Harcourt Fenton Mudd
       d. Robert Fox

Bones - It was a shorter way of calling him 'sawbones', meaning a surgeon.How does Kirk call McCoy?

       a. Bones
       b. Jay
       c. Doc
       d. Mac

They thought that humans would walk on Mars soon after the show was launched - Since it took almost two hours for Leonard Nimoy to put on his ear make-up, he seriously considered plastic surgery.Originally, the creators of the show intended for Spock to be from Mars. Later, however, they changed it to Vulcan. Why?

       a. They thought it was too similar to George Welles' novel War of the Worlds
       b. They thought that humans would walk on Mars soon after the show was launched
       c. They wanted something more exotic than a planet from our Solar System
       d. At the time of the creation of Star Trek they knew Mars was basically a desert

Iowa - You can actually find a plank in Riverside, Iowa, saying 'This is the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk'.Which state is the birthplace of James T. Kirk?

       a. Arizona
       b. New Jersey
       c. Iowa
       d. Maine

Klingons - The whole episode was a critique of the Vietnam War.Who was supporting the people of planet Neural with weapons (Episode 19, Season 2, 'A Private Little War')?

       a. Romulans
       b. Klingons
       c. Humans
       d. Andorians

Bill Theiss - He also worked with other movies, such as 'Spartacus', 'Bound for Glory' and 'Heart Like a Wheel'.Who designed the costumes for the Star Trek crew?

       a. Jack Pierce
       b. Bill Theiss
       c. John Caglione
       d. Stan Winston

Warp drive technology - The crew of USS Enterprise encountered Cochrane in the episode 'Metamorphosis'.What was the invention of Zefram Cochrane?

       a. Replicators
       b. Warp drive technology
       c. Androids
       d. Teleportation technology

Silicon - Even though they have their quarrels with humans, they are an intelligent, peaceful race.The physiology of the alien race Horta, that caused problems in the mines of Janus VI, is based on which element?

       a. Lithium
       b. Silicon
       c. Carbon
       d. Sulfur

Arena - Even though Kirk was facing a Gorn, it was the Metrons who were behind the ploy.In one episode, James T. Kirk engaged himself in a fight against an individual of the Gorn race on the surface of a desert planet. What was the title of the episode?

       a. Arena
       b. The Enemy Within
       c. Space Seed
       d. The Cloud Minders

Freedom - Her full name is Uhura Penda Nyota, but she is also known as Samara.One of the members of the crew was chief communications officer Uhura. Her name comes from Swahili word "uhuru". What does it mean?

       a. Freedom
       b. Star
       c. Hope
       d. Light

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