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Star Trek Movies Quiz

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Star Trek III - The Search for Spock - In this movie, five actors played the role of Spock.Which of the Star Trek movies featured Christopher Lloyd?

On a frozen asteroid Rura Penthe - The name of comes from Tolstoy's novel 'War and Peace'.In Star Trek VI, Kirk and McCoy are sentenced to life imprisonment. Where?

Voyager - The Voyager spacecraft is the farthest object made by man.What does V stand for in V'Ger (Star Trek - The Motion Picture)?

Phoenix - Until the series was rebooted, First Contact was the highest grossing Star Trek film.What was the name of Cochrane's ship in Star Trek - First Contact?

Star Trek - Generations - Data's memory is about 93 million Gigabytes.Which movie saw Data have emotions?

David - David met his fate in the third movie.Kirk and Dr. Carol Marcus had a son in Star Trek II. What was his name?

Red matter - The substance proved to be rather difficult to handle.What helped create black holes in the 2009 installment of Star Trek films?

Scimitar - Scimitar was a Romulan warbird.What ship do the bad guys use in Star Trek - Nemesis?

Spock's half-brother - Sybok was a charismatic, brilliant, but somewhat misguided Vulcan.Who is Sybok (Star Trek V - The Final Frontier)?

A pair of whales - The fourth installment of the franchise had an environmental message to it.Who is George and Gracie (Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home)?

Ba'ku - Ba'ku and Son'a are in fact the same race.The character Anij belongs to which race (Star Trek - Insurrection)?

Shizan - Star Trek - Nemesis was received negatively by the critics.What was the name of the clone of Capt. Picard (Star Trek - Nemesis)?

Kobayashi Maru - Kobayashi Maru is the proper name for the process. The other names are rituals or rites of the Vulcan race.A test without any chance of success is known as...

Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country - The only movie in the franchise to have ever won an Oscar was the 2009 film Star Trek.Which Star Trek film won the Saturn Award for Best Science Fiction Film?

Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home - Nimoy also directed Star Trek III.Which of the following was directed by Leonard Nimoy?

Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home - Nimoy also directed Star Trek III.Which of the following was directed by Leonard Nimoy?

  • Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home
  • Star Trek - The Motion Picture
  • Star Trek V - The Final Frontier
  • Star Trek - Generations

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