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In a field - Jonathon and Martha Kent found Clark in a field during a meteor shower. Along with the little boy, they also found his spaceship.Where did the Kents find Clark?

a. At the Talon
b. In a field
c. In their barn
d. At their house

A Porsche - Lex lost control and drove his silver Porsche off the bridge. Clark ripped the top off the car and saved Lex, even though the Porsche hit him. This is when Clark realized that he was not normal.Clark saved Lex Luthor when he drove his car off a bridge. What kind of car was Lex driving?

a. A R8
b. A Corvette
c. A Porsche
d. A Viper

The ability to fly - Clark has super strength, super speed, and X-ray vision. He is also nearly indestructible! However, he does not develop the ability to fly during the 1st season.Clark has or develops all of these abilities in the first season except for?

a. Super Strength
b. Super Speed
c. The ability to fly
d. X-ray Vision

He can read minds - Ryan James can read minds. He is used by his stepfather to rob stores. After staying with the Kents, he learns Clark's secret and some secrets about some of Clark's closest friends.Which ability does Ryan have?

a. He can read minds
b. He can fly
c. He can run extremely fast
d. He has persuasion powers

He is struck by lightning - Clark does in fact lose his powers during season 1. He is involved in a lightning strike while trying to save one of his classmates. Eric is holding a piece of meteor rock when he and Clark are struck, which transfers Clark's powers to him.How does Clark lose his powers during season 1?

a. He is struck by lightning
b. He does not lose them during season 1
c. He touches kryptonite
d. His biological father takes them

Lana Lang - Clark's love interest is Lana Lang. Unfortunately for Clark, Lana has a boyfriend, Whitney who was the main person responsible for Clark's 'scarecrow hazing.'Who is Clark's love interest in season 1?

a. Chloe Sullivan
b. Alicia Baker
c. Lana Lang
d. Lois Lane

Morgan Edge - Though Morgan Edge is definitely a villain, he did not appear during the first season. Greg Arkin was bug boy who kidnapped Lana, and Coach Arnold was the hot head football coach that enjoyed setting fire to things.Which was not a "villain" during the first season?

a. General Zod
b. Greg Arkin
c. Morgan Edge
d. Coach Arnold

Pete and Chloe - He begins developing a relationship with Lana as well, but Chloe and Pete have always been there for him.Clark's two best friends are whom?

a. Lois and Lana
b. Chloe and Lana
c. Pete and Lana
d. Pete and Chloe

Lionel Luthor - Lionel Luthor is the name of Lex's father. He is the wealthy owner of Luthorcorp and is known for screwing over anyone who ever trusted him.What is Lex's father's name?

a. Lionel Luthor
b. Lucas Luthor
c. Lonnie Luthor
d. Lochland Luthor

She has a meteor rock necklace - Lana wears a meteor rock necklace because she believes that so much bad luck came out of the meteor shower that there can only be good luck left.Why does Clark have trouble getting close to Lana without tripping?

a. She has a meteor rock necklace
b. She uses her powers to keep him away
c. Whitney sets up a force field around her
d. She can run too fast

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