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Scientific Measuring Devices Quiz

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Actinometer - Actinometers are used to measure the heating power of radiation.Which device is used by scientists to measure the heating power of sunlight?

a. Light Meter
b. Actinometer
c. Lux Meter
d. Diffractometer

pH Meter - The first commercial pH meters were available sometime in 1936.Which device would you use to identify the exact chemical acidity/basicity of a solution?

a. Bettsometer
b. Dilatometer
c. pH Meter
d. Ceilometer

Tacheometer - Used in surveying, among other things, the tacheometer is used to measure the distance to a target.Which of the following devices would you use to measure distance?

a. Tacheometer
b. Creepmeter
c. Eudiometer
d. Declinometer

Thermometer - A thermometer that is used for testing stored food temperature is called a 'temperature wand'.What instrument is used to determine temperature?

a. Evaporimeter
b. Stadimeter
c. Polarimeter
d. Thermometer

Fathometer - The fathometer uses echo sounding to determine the depth of water.Which device would you use to determine ocean depth?

a. Tensiometer
b. Fathometer
c. Micrometer
d. Sextant

Chronometer - A chronometer is a specific type of timepiece certified to meet certain precision time-keeping standards.Other than a standard clock, what could you use to measure time?

a. Chronometer
b. Heliometer
c. Multimeter
d. Manometer

Clap-o-meter - The clap-o-meter made its first appearance in 1956 on the British TV game show Opportunity Knocks.A popular device in talent and game shows, what device is used to determine the volume of clapping or applause made by an audience?

a. Audience-meter
b. Clap-o-meter
c. Laugh-o-meter
d. Audio-meter

Disdrometer - Recent disdrometers can also distinguish between rain, graupel and hail. A hyetometrograph is used to record rainfall amounts.Used for scientific examination and airport observation systems, what device is used to determine the size and velocity of raindrops?

a. Disdrometer
b. Breathalyzer
c. Hygrometer
d. Cathetometer

Electrometer - There are many different types of electrometers, ranging from handmade to high-precision electronic instruments.Which of the following is an instrument used to measure electric charge?

a. Pyrometer
b. Electrometer
c. Micrometer
d. Magnetometer

Odometer - Evidence supports that the odometer was first used in ancient Roman times.Found in most cars, which of the following instruments is used to measure distance traveled?

a. Stroboscopes
b. Speedometer
c. Tachometer
d. Odometer

Wattmeter - If you hadn't guessed, wattmeters measure electric power in watts.Used by your electric company, what device is used to measure electric power (or the supply rate of electrical energy)?

a. Lux Meter
b. Speedometer
c. Stadimeter
d. Wattmeter

Graphometer - Introduced in 1597, the graphometer is also known as the semicircle.Which of the following is a surveying tool used for angle measurements.

a. Orchidometer
b. Anglemeter
c. Manometer
d. Graphometer

Magnetometer - The first magnetometer was invented in 1833 by Carl Friedrich Gauss.Which instrument is used to measure the strength of magnetic fields?

a. Galvanometer
b. Densitometer
c. Interferometer
d. Magnetometer

Ohmmeter - The unit of measurement for electrical resistance is ohms.Which device listed below is an instrument that measures electrical resistance (the resistance to an electric current)?

a. Eudiometer
b. Bolometer
c. Ohmmeter
d. Voltmeter

Anemometer - The first mechanical anemometer was invented around 1450 by Leon Battista Alberti.An instrument commonly found at weather stations, what device measures wind speed?

a. Anemometer
b. Hygrometer
c. Interferometer
d. Diffractometer

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