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Science Trivia Questions III

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Nitrogen - Nitrogen makes up about 78 percent of the air we breathe. Oxygen makes up about 21 percent and the last one percent is made up of Carbon Dioxide, Neon, and numerous other gases.What makes up the biggest percentage of the air we breathe?

50,000 degrees F - Another fun fact about lightning is that it often DOES strike the same place more than once! So beware!How hot does an average bolt of lightning get?

300 - As a child grows some of the bones fuse together, leaving an adult with 206 bones instead of 300.How many bones are in a child?

Diamond - Diamond is a gorgeous gem that cannot be scratched. Until recently, it was thought to be the hardest substance known to man. However, they are working on a synthetic substance that has proven to be harder than Diamonds in some cases.Which is the hardest substance - Diamond, Bone or Boron?

The Sun and Moon - The weather can affect the waves as well, but the actual high and low tides are caused by the sun and moon.What causes high and low tide in the oceans?

80 percent - The brain is also made of fats!What percentage of the brain is water?

Ants - Ants are the only animals that do not sleep at all. Bunnies sleep, but they normally keep their eyes open and Elephants usually only sleep for a few hours per day. (Maybe 2)Which of these animals do not sleep - Elephants, Ants or Bunnies?

Over 600 volts - This is enough to cause paralysis and it can kill a human!How much electricity can an electric eel produce?

Corneas - They are the ONLY tissue that does not require blood.Which of these tissues does not require blood - Bone Tissues, Muscle Tissues or Corneas?

500,000 - This is the number in the entire world, though most of these quakes are not even felt!On average, how many earthquakes take place every year?

Mathematics - Some say he took the love of the unmarried Nobel's life. More likely, Nobel didn't see math as contributing as much to humanity as the other fields could.No, it's not true. But, supposedly, because of Alfred Nobel's rivalry with Gosta Mittag-Leffler, there is no Nobel Prize in which field?

On your car's body - You call it rust.Where are you most likely to see something with the chemical formula Fe2 O3?

Stephen Hawking - Isaac Newton was born the year Galileo died.Which scientist was born on the 300th anniversary of Galileo's death?

Marsh rabbit - Makes sense. He is known for his Bunnies.Zoologists honored Hugh Hefner by naming Sylvilagus palustris hefneri for him. What kind of animal is this?

Process fear - Liberals have larger anterior cingulate cortex, which increases smugness. Just kidding. It processes conflicting information.According to a 2011 University College London study, conservatives have a larger amygdala, What does the amygdala do?

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