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Science Trivia Questions E24

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France - He landed in the city of Paris.In which of the following countries did Charles Lindbergh land after his historic first solo transatlantic flight in 1927?

a. Russia
b. France
c. United States
d. England

Caesium - Caesium's symbol is Cs, and its atomic number is 55.When heated, which of the following metals will expand the most?

a. Aluminum
b. Caesium
c. Lead
d. Tin

Two Xs - Some animal species do not have a fixed sex but rather change their sex based on certain signals.There are two classes of sex chromosomes, X and Y. Males have one X and one Y. What do females have?

a. Two Xs
b. None
c. Two Ys
d. One X and one Y

Salt - Chlorine, Arsenic and Barium are elements, not compounds.In chemistry, what type of matter is established when an acid is mixed with an alkali?

a. Arsenic
b. Barium
c. Salt
d. Chlorine

Kidneys - The kidneys process and filter about 200 quarts of blood per day.Which of your organs manufactures urine from waste?

a. Kidneys
b. Large Intestine
c. Liver
d. Bladder

180 Degrees - When the lengths of all three sides of a right triangle are integers, the triangle is called a Pythagorean triangle.What do you get when you add up the three angles of a right triangle?

a. 180 Degrees
b. 120 Degrees
c. 160 Degrees
d. 90 Degrees

The Bible - Known as the Gutenberg Bible, Johannes printed approximately 180 copies.In 1447, the German blacksmith Johannes Gutenberg devised the printing press and introduced printing to Europe. What was the first publication he printed?

a. Advertisement
b. Newspaper
c. The Bible
d. Children's Stories

William Hume Carothers - Suffering from depression for most of his life, William committed suicide by drinking a cocktail laced with potassium cyanide at the age of 41.An American chemist, who invented nylon in 1935?

a. John Moses Browning
b. Seth Boyden
c. William Hume Carothers
d. William Edward Addis

Theory Of Relativity - Originally from Germany, Einstein became an American citizen in 1940.What theory or set of laws is generally associated with the equation Albert Einstein introduced to the world in 1905 - E = mc2?

a. Laws of Motion
b. Big-Bang Theory
c. Laws of Thermodynamics
d. Theory Of Relativity

Device for Measuring Wind Speed - Most commonly used in meteorology and aerodynamics.Originally developed in the 15th century, what is an anemometer?

a. Device for Measuring Temperature
b. Device for Measuring Humidity
c. Device for Measuring Wind Speed
d. Device for Measuring Rainfall

Mars - Mars is the second smallest planet in our Solar System.Deimos and Phobos are the only two moons of which planet?

a. Mercury
b. Mars
c. Jupiter
d. Neptune

Brimstone - Originally believed to be a compound, Antoine Lavoisier helped convince the scientific community that sulfur was a basic element in 1777.What is the biblical (or old name) for the chemical element "Sulfur"?

a. Gun Powder
b. Brimstone
c. Redstone
d. Limestone

Karl Benz - Karl and Bertha Benz founded the automobile manufacturing company Mercedes-Benz.Which German car engineer is widely regarded as the architect of the petrol-powered automobile?

a. Wilhelm Maybach
b. Karl Benz
c. Thomas Davenport
d. Henry Ford

Goliath Beetle - The goliath beetle was named after the biblical giant Goliath.Found primarily in Africa's tropical forests, which of the following is the largest known species of beetle?

a. Eastern Hercules Beetle
b. Powder Post Beetle
c. Goliath Beetle
d. Blister Beetle

Botanist - Botanists study plants for the purpose of agriculture, horticulture, conservation and medicine.Which of the following scientific jobs would be involved in the study of plants?

a. Botanist
b. Hydrologist
c. Geoscientist
d. Physicist

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