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Sci Fi TV Shows Trivia Questions E4

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Bajor - Major Kira is from Bajor.What planet does Deep Space Nine orbit?

a. Cardassia
b. Bajor
c. Izar
d. Vulcan

Major - Major S. Carter has a degree in astrophysics.On the show Stargate SG1, what in Samantha Carter's rank?

a. Lieutenant
b. Colonel
c. Captain
d. Major

Michael Garibaldi - Babylon 5 went on the air in 1994.Who does Jerry Doyle play on the show Babylon 5?

a. Michael Garibaldi
b. Lennier
c. Vir Cotto
d. Londo Mollari

Scotland - Karen Gillian plays the role of Amy.On the show Dr. Who, where does Amy Pond come from?

a. England
b. France
c. Scotland
d. Ireland

Quinn Mallory - The sliding machine permits the characters to travel to parallel universes.On the show Sliders, who invented the "sliding machine"?

a. Wade Welles
b. Maggie Beckett
c. Rembrandt Brown
d. Quinn Mallory

Herbert Jefferson Jr. - Lt. Boomer was a pilot. In the original Battlestar Galactica (1978), who played the part of Boomer?

a. John Colicos
b. Noah Hathaway
c. Herbert Jefferson Jr.
d. Richard Hatch

FBI - Olivia works with Walter and Peter Bishop.On the hit show "Fringe", whom does Olivia Dunham work for?

a. CIA
b. Interpol
c. Homeland Security
d. FBI

300 years - Captain hunt is trying to re-establish the System's Commonwealth.According to show Andromeda, how long was Captain Hune "frozen"?

a. 700 years
b. 500 years
c. 100 years
d. 300 years

Sam Beckett - Scott Bakula plays the part of Sam.On the show Quantum Leap, who is leaping through time?

a. Sam Beckett
b. Jimmy La Motta
c. Lawrence Stanton
d. Al Calavicci

Genetically engineered - She was designed to be a super soldier.On the show Dark Angel, how did Max get her powers?

a. Alien interference
b. Insect bite
c. Genetically engineered
d. Radiation

Dr. Who - The leader of Torchwood is Jack Harkness.Torchwood is a spin-off of which hit TV show?

a. Red Dwarf
b. Stargate SG1
c. Eureka
d. Dr. Who

Dr. Dick Solomon - Dr. Dick Solomon is the youngest member of the alien crew.On the show Third Rock from the Sun, who is the high commander?

a. Sally Solomon
b. Tommy Solomon
c. Harry Solomon
d. Dr. Dick Solomon

Max Evans - The show aired in 1999. On the show Roswell, which of these characters is an alien?

a. Max Evans
b. Alex Whitman
c. Maria DeLuca
d. Liz Parker

Cats - Alf lives with the Tanner family.What is considered a delicacy on Melmac, Alf's Home planet?

a. Buttons
b. Cockroaches
c. Plastic bottles
d. Cats

A spaceship - This show follows the life of the last human on the spaceship Red Dwarf.On the show Red Dwarf, what is Red Dwarf?

a. A spaceship
b. A planet
c. A star
d. A character

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