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Survivor - She was 37. Rudy Boesch, from Survivor Borneo, became the oldest Survivor by appearing in the All Stars edition at age 76. He outlived Lyon.Jenn Lyon, who finished fourth on the Samoa edition, became the first former contestant on what show to die, when she was felled by breast cancer?

a. Biggest Loser
b. So You Think You Can Dance
c. Survivor
d. Big Brother

Black Lantern Corps - It was led by Black Hand, a long-time Green Lantern nemesis, and included many dead heroes.Many DC Comics characters that die end up becoming part of what Green Lantern-like organization, which seeks to destroy all life?

a. Pink Lantern Corps
b. Black Lantern Corps
c. Red Lantern Corps
d. Yellow Lantern Corps

Vivien Leigh - It was one of the first color movies, and Selznick was obsessed with matching the details in Margaret Mitchell's book.For Gone With the Wind, David Selznick pushed makeup artist Monty Westmore to make whose eyes as green as possible, using colored contact lenses, lens filters, reflective green costumes and green eyeshadow?

a. Barbara Stanwyck
b. Helen Hayes
c. Claudette Colbert
d. Vivien Leigh

The Moonwalk - There were other performers who had used the moonwalk, or some variation of the dance step before, but Michael made it famous.Michael Jackson made what dance move famous while performing his hit "Billie Jean" in March of 1983?

a. The Running Man
b. The Monkey
c. The Moonwalk
d. Electric Slide

Bambi - It's the human hunter who kills Bambi's mom.AFI listed the 50 greatest villains in US film history. One of them, however, has no name, no dialogue and doesn't even appear on screen. What movie features this mysterious baddie?

a. The Blair Witch Project
b. Rosemary's Baby
c. Psycho
d. Bambi

Predator - They even got Apollo Creed to play a guy who gets killed by the bad guy.What movie did Jim and John Thomas write, after jokes that "Rocky has to fight an alien in Rocky V"?

a. Independence Day
b. Alien
c. True Lies
d. Predator

Air Force One - It was a hoax, but a very convincing one. Even the Secret Service wasn't sure at first.In a 2006 viral video, Marc Ecko appeared to send graffiti artists out to tag what unusual location?

a. Berlin Wall
b. South Pole
c. Fort Knox
d. Air Force One

Love Actually - Liam Neeson's character says that Schiffer is his dream girl.In what movie does Claudia Schiffer have a one-minute cameo as a woman who looks exactly like Claudia Schiffer?

a. When Harry Met Sally
b. Love Actually
c. There's Something About Mary
d. It's Complicated

Pee-Wee Herman - He told Vanity Fair, 'I like that it didn't sound like a made-up name, that it was just kind of cruddy.'Paul Rubens picked what stage name, from a harmonica brand name and from a high-strung classmate?

a. Snoop Dogg
b. Pee-Wee Herman
c. Whoopi Goldberg
d. Billy Crystal

They dropped a bridge on him - Originally he was shot in the back, but the test audiences wanted something else.Rather notoriously, how was Captain Kirk killed off in Star Trek - Generations?

a. He was eaten by an alien
b. They dropped a bridge on him
c. Death by over acting
d. He perished during coitus

Carlos Mencia - Mencia's real name is Ned and he went by his German-Honduran father's real name, Holness, until he was 18.Dee dee dee! Whom did Joe Rogan confront onstage at the LA's Comedy Store in 2007, to accuse him of stealing jokes?

a. Carlos Mencia
b. Jay Leno
c. Dane Cook
d. Denis Leary

Edith Bunker - Jean Stapleton wanted to leave the series, so Archie learned to live without his beloved dingbat.What TV character died in her sleep of a stroke in 1980?

a. Miss Ellie Ewing
b. Edith Bunker
c. Jessica Tate
d. Louise Jefferson

Amazing Race - Alison was also the first person eliminated in Big Brother All Stars.Alison Irwin was on Big Brother 5. Jordan and Jeff were on Big Brother 16. All of them were also on what other CBS reality series?

a. Survivor
b. The Bachelor
c. The Apprentice
d. Amazing Race

On Twitter - It became a massive hit by the time there had been 100 tweets. His dad, by the way, worked in medical research before retiring. He is Samuel Halpern.Thanks to "Shit My Dad Says", Justin Halpern landed a book deal and a TV show starring William Shatner. How did Halpern become famous?

a. On YouTube
b. On Twitter
c. On Wikipedia
d. On Facebook

Johnny Cash - Cash continued to record after his wife's death, completing 60 songs in a little less than four months.Nicknamed the "Man in Black", which American singer-songwriter died on September 12 2003, less than four months after his wife?

a. Ray Charles
b. Johnny Cash
c. Roy Orbison
d. Carl Perkins

Black Beauty - Supergirl rode Comet, Gandalf rode Shadowfax and the Lone Ranger mounted Silver.What name is shared by a fictional horse and by the Green Hornet's car?

a. Black Beauty
b. Comet
c. Shadowfax
d. Silver

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