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Pop Culture Trivia Questions XXXIV

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Yellow Pages - Michael Russell later produced a book called Fly Fishing, writing as JR Hartley.It turned out to be JR Hartley himself who was looking for copies of "Fly Fishing by JR Hartley" in British ads for what company?

a. The Foot Locker
c. Yellow Pages
d. Guinness

Doctor Sivana - He called Captain Marvel 'the Big Red Cheese'.What villain of Captain Marvel's actually used to say, "Curses, foiled again"?

a. Doctor Strange
b. Mister Atom
c. Professor Weird
d. Doctor Sivana

Humphrey Bogart - This was in Casablanca, whose script was practically tossed together.What actor changed the scripted line, "Here's good luck to you, kid" to "Here's lookin' at you, kid"?

a. Jimmy Cagney
b. Clark Gable
c. Humphrey Bogart
d. Cary Grant

Chamber of Secrets - This was the first sequel in the series and introduced Kenneth Branagh as Lockhart, whom Rowling based on a real-life blowhard.What Harry Potter film features a post-credits advertising Who Am I, a book by Gilderoy Lockhart, who accidentally erased his own memory earlier in the movie?

a. Sorcerer's Stone
b. Goblet of Fire
c. Chamber of Secrets
d. Half-Blood Prince

Kim Jong-Il - He was 'so ronery'.As we learned at the end of Team America, what world leader was sent from planet Xiron to conquer the earth?

a. Fidel Castro
b. Kim Jong-Il
c. Saddam Hussein
d. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

A post-credits scene - The Muppet Movie stinger shows the Muppets talking about the movie before Animal shouts 'GO HOME!! GO HOME!! Bye bye'.The Muppet Movie is credited with introducing the stinger. What is a stinger, exactly?

a. A post-credits scene
b. A long ad shown in theatres
c. A toy sold at fast-food places
d. A soundtrack of songs

Anchorman - There is also a scene after the credits in which the characters imagine where they will be in the future.The credits of what 1970s Will Ferrell movie includes outtakes from it and from Smokey and the Bandit II?

a. Step Brothers
b. Land of the Lost
c. Anchorman
d. Talladaga Nights

A Few Good Men - The women were Louise Fletcher, Shirley MacLaine and Helen Hunt.As of 2010, Jack Nicholson's three Oscars have all been for movies in which a woman also won an Oscar. What's the odd one out?

a. Terms of Endearment
b. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
c. As Good As It Gets
d. A Few Good Men

Cloverfield - A notable scene has the monster decapitate the Statue of Liberty, which was inspired by the poster for Escape from New York. The head is about 50 percent larger than actual size.What 2008 JJ Abrams movie shows us an alien monster rampage from the viewpoint of an amateur cameraman?

a. Paranormal Activity
b. Cloverfield
c. District 9
d. Blair Witch Project

Kasey Casem - His 39-yr career ran from July 1970 to July 2009.Whose career saw him count down every #1 hit from Three Dog Night's "Mama Told Me Not to Come" to Shinedown's "Second Chance"?

a. Kasey Casem
b. Dick Clark
c. Wolfman Jack
d. Rick Dees

Munich - Airing from 1974 to 1998, it created a catchphrase (Harry, bring the car around) that never actually appeared in the show.As the title character of Derrick, Horst Tappert became a cult hero throughout Europe, and even in China, for solving crimes in what city?

a. Paris
b. Leningrad
c. Uppsala
d. Munich

Bernie Kopell - He played Siegfried, the leader of KAOS, on TV.I had a cameo in the 2008 movie of this 1960s TV series. In a 1995 TV remake, my character's daughter says that I was a cruise ship doctor. Who am I?

a. Bernie Kopell
b. Jim Backus
c. Russell Johnson
d. Alan Hale

Black Sabbath - Kiss singer Gene Simmons hosted a show called Family Jewels.Before he became the punch-drunk star of his own MTV show, Ozzy Osbourne was once a semi-respectable metal singer, who had led what legendary band?

a. Kiss
b. AC/DC
c. Deep Purple
d. Black Sabbath

Iron Baby - Iron Baby battled submachine-gun wielding bunnies.Patrick Boivin inserted his one-year-old daughter Marguerite into what viral video parody of a 2010 sequel?

a. Babies of the Caribbean
b. Transformers: Baby Got Back
c. Baby Toy Story
d. Iron Baby

Rihanna - She got the phrase Who thought she was getting a tattoo in 2010 that said "rebellious flower" in French, only to get the word order wrong?

a. Rihanna
b. Angelina Jolie
c. Lindsay Lohan
d. Megan Fox

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