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Pop Culture Trivia Questions XXXII

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Mr T - Shortly after the show, he made a motivational video for kids called 'Be Somebody…or Be Somebody's Fool'.In a strange 1980s cartoon that lasted 30 episodes, what fool-pithier helped the US gymnastics team solve mysteries?

a. Father T
b. Professor T
c. Mr T
d. Dr T

Star Wars Day - It was May 4, as in 'may the fourth/force be with you'.Some say this cinematic day should be May 25, since it celebrates a movie that premiered on that day in 1977. Others suggest May 4. What is it?

a. Jaws Day
b. Godfather Day
c. Blues Brothers Day
d. Star Wars Day

Her feet - They are size 11. She also has pigeon toes.What part of Paris Hilton's body is freakishly large?

a. Her feet
b. Her ears
c. Her breasts
d. Her heart valves

Chair of an ad company - He also wrote and directed the cult film Greaser's Palace, a parable/parody about Jesus.Robert Downey, Jr., was Iron Man. Robert Downey, Sr., wrote and directed Putney Swope, about a black man who accidentally reaches what position?

a. Roman Catholic pope
b. President of the USA
c. King of England
d. Chair of an ad company

Jodie Foster - She spent time in Paris as a child.Who personally dubs the French versions of her movies, although she was too busy to do Silence of the Lambs?

a. Michelle Pfeiffer
b. Natalie Portman
c. Jodie Foster
d. Julianne Moore

Yeardley Smith - She voices Lisa.Who is the only one of the main Simpsons voice actors to provide no other voices for major recurring characters?

a. Julie Kavner
b. Nancy Cartwright
c. Dan Castellaneta
d. Yeardley Smith

Alicia Keys - The movie is set against the backdrop of the civil rights movement of the 1960s.What pianist learned the cello for her role as June Boatwright in "The Secret Life of Bees"?

a. Tracy Chapman
b. Sheryl Crow
c. Amy Winehouse
d. Alicia Keys

Lost - In it, people were dropped off in the middle of nowhere, like Mongolia, and had to find their way to back to a landmark, like the Statue of Liberty.What reality show, similar to the Amazing Race, had the same name as a later drama?

a. Monk
b. Glee
c. Lost
d. Weeds

Stinger - Stingers are also sound clips that divide sections of a radio show.What name is shared by a part of many insects' anatomy, as well as by short scenes you see after a movie's credits have finished rolling?

a. Antenna
b. Gizzard
c. Stinger
d. Thorax

Klingons - The Klingons were a stand-in for the Russians, but by the 90s, the scarier threat was the Japanese, who were probably represented by the Ferengi.Worf says that they don't like to talk about it, but what race's appearance changed dramatically between the original and Next Generation series of Star Trek?

a. Ewoks
b. Klingons
c. Wookies
d. Vulcans

Laura Schlessinger - She claimed the resulting angry criticism somehow endangered her First Amendment rights.Who quit a popular radio show in 2010, after using the N-word eleven times in five minutes?

a. Howard Stern
b. Michael Savage
c. Don Imus
d. Laura Schlessinger

My Favorite Martian - Christopher Lloyd played the main Martian.Ray Walston plays a different Martian in the movie version of what TV series, in which he was a star?

a. The Beverly Hillmartians
b. My Favorite Martian
c. Martians, Where Are You
d. My Mother the Martian

Smoking cigarettes - At the time, he smoked up to 40 cigarettes a day.Indonesian 2-yr-old, Ardi Rizal, became a web sensation for a viral video depicting him doing something. What?

a. Smoking cigarettes
b. Playing guitar
c. Teasing a cat
d. Dancing to Beyonce

Sammy Davis, Sr. - He took young Sammy Junior on the road after splitting from Elvira Sanchez in 1929.One of the Rat Pack grew up as part of his father's dance act. What was the father's name?

a. Humphrey Bogart, Sr.
b. Frank Sinatra, Sr.
c. Sammy Davis, Sr.
d. Dean Martin, Sr.

Big Brother - He came back for the All Stars edition, which was won by his buddy Mike Boogie.Will Kirby, an osteopathic physician, won the second season of what reality show, mostly by being openly evil?

a. Big Brother
b. Top Chef
c. The Apprentice
d. Survivor

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