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Aladdin - The Disney version was inspired by 1940's The Thief of Baghdad, in which Conrad Veidt played Grand Vizier Jaffar and Sabu played Abu the Thief, who is a lot like Aladdin, complete with flying carpets.Disney caught a lot of flack when this hero looked too much like Tom Cruise and not enough like Omar Sharif. In fact, the character was actually the son of a Chinese tailor. Who?

       a. Ali Baba
       b. Aladdin
       c. Sinbad
       d. Nemo

Tarzan - Burroughs was furious that the barrel-chested Lincoln was playing a character he'd imagined as lithe and cat-like, so much so that he refused to see the movie.Elmo Lincoln is credited with being the first person to play what Edgar Rice Burroughs character in the movies?

       a. Dracula
       b. Sherlock Holmes
       c. Tarzan
       d. James Bond

Paul Verhoeven - In the 1980s, he established an SF niche, doing RoboCop, and moving on to Total Recall and Starship Troopers.Recognized for "Showgirls", who was the first person to show in person to accept a Razzie Award?

       a. Halle Berry
       b. Tom Green
       c. Paul Verhoeven
       d. Demi Moore

The Tonight Show - The ban was delayed to get a few more ads aired during football games.The last cigarette ad on TV appeared on December 31, 1971, for Virginia Slims, during what show?

       a. The Tonight Show
       b. Starsky and Hutch
       c. Mork and Mindy
       d. Happy Days

Donald Duck - Helsinki school board official Markku Holopainen simply re-allocated scarce economic resources. No, he wasn't banned in Finland for not wearing pants (it was just a budget cut back at the Helsinki school board). Who?

       a. Sylvester the Cat
       b. Donald Duck
       c. Porky Pig
       d. Roger Rabbit

Joan Crawford - Louis B Mayer thought her real name sounded too much like MGM forced Lucille LeSueur to adopt a stage name picked through a "Movie Weekly" contest, which was won by Mrs. Marie Tisdale of Albany, New York. What name did she suggest?

       a. Bette Davis
       b. Katharine Hepburn
       c. Joan Crawford
       d. Mary Pickford

The Beverly Hillbillies - Miss Jane hires him to find Granny. It was funny, of course, because Ebsen also played Jed Clampett on the original show.In which of these movies-based-on-TV-shows did Buddy Ebsen reprise his Barnaby Jones TV role, in what would turn out to be his last movie role?

       a. Starsky and Hutch
       b. Maverick
       c. The Beverly Hillbillies
       d. Wild Wild West

Uhura - It was essentially established as canon in the first Star Trek movie.A script suggests that what Star Trek character's first name was Nyota, the Swahili for "star"?

       a. Odo
       b. Worf
       c. Uhura
       d. Neelix

Lucille Ball - She did it for her socialist grandfather.Although her husband said that "the only thing red about her is her hair," what 1950s TV star got in hot trouble with HUAC when it came out that, in 1936, she had registered to vote as a communist?

       a. Imogene Coca
       b. Lucille Ball
       c. Gracie Allen
       d. Eve Arden

Funk and Wagnalls - Johnny Carson's Carnac supposedly got his envelopes from a mayonnaise jar on a porch outside the encyclopedia's office.Sales of what dictionary soared after it became a running gag on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In?

       a. Funk and Wagnalls
       b. Merriam-Webster
       c. Oxford English Dictionary
       d. Random House

All My Children - Ripa played Hayley Vaughan for 12 seasons.Talk about life imitating ... well ... soap. When Kelly Ripa married Mark Consuelos at the Chapel of the Bells in Vegas, they were already playing a hot and heavy couple on what TV show?

       a. General Hospital
       b. Days of Our Lives
       c. All My Children
       d. The Young and the Restless

Gilligan's Island - An edition the next year, in 2005, had Erika Eleniak and Angie Everhart competing to be In 2004, TBS did a reality series, co-starring movie stars Rachel Hunter and Nicole Eggert, which was billed as the "real" version of what reality show?

       a. Beverly Hillbillies
       b. Gilligan's Island
       c. Dallas
       d. Lost in Space

Columbo - Problems developed with the original show and eventually Mrs Columbo was established as being unrelated to Peter Falk's character.What detective's wife was much talked about but never seen, at least until Kate Mulgrew got her own show?

       a. Columbo
       b. Ironside
       c. Mannix
       d. Kojak

WKRP in Cincinnati - Many of the original cast did return for single episodes.What 1970s (and early 80s) sitcom was relaunched in 1991, although the only cast members who returned were Gordon Jump, Richard Sanders and Frank Bonner?

       a. The Odd Couple
       b. Diff'rent Strokes
       c. WKRP in Cincinnati
       d. One Day at a Time

Seinfeld - It is on 112th Street and Broadway.Monk's Cafe is actually Tom's Diner and had already been immortalized by singer Suzanne Vega, when it was used in what TV series?

       a. Seinfeld
       b. Frasier
       c. Friends
       d. Spin City

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