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Pop Culture Trivia Questions XII

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The house became haunted after a mass murder - Ronald DeFeo slaughtered his family there, inspiring a movie. Oddly, all the victims were face down, as if they hadn't heard any of the shots. What is said to have happened at 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York, which was not in fact built on an Indian graveyard?

       a. There was a shark attack
       b. Eric Clapton recorded an album
       c. The house became haunted after a mass murder
       d. A member of the Kennedy family killed a girl

Ric Ocasek - They met when she appeared in the video for Drive.Czechoslovakian supermodel Paulina Porizkova surprised many when she married what less-than-supermodel-y lead singer of the Cars?

       a. Lyle Lovett
       b. Bryan Ferry
       c. Ric Ocasek
       d. Benjamin Orr

Doc Martens - Named for Claus Maertens, they became the must-have shoes for fashionable punkers. Originally, marketed as an orthopedic shoe for older women, what brand was created in 1945, by a German doctor who was recovering from a ski accident?

       a. Birkenstock
       b. Doc Martens
       c. Earth Shoe
       d. Bass Weejums

Woody Guthrie's guitar - He later died of Huntingdon's disease.Which of the following typically included the words, "This machine kills fascists"?

       a. Woody Guthrie's guitar
       b. Upton Sinclair's typewriter
       c. Margaret Bourke-White's camera
       d. Matt Drudge's Web site

Loch Ness monster - But if so, it would surface more often for air.Some people insist, not only that this monster exists, but that it is a plesiosaur. What is it?

       a. Bigfoot
       b. Godzilla
       c. Loch Ness monster
       d. King Kong

Arab American - Moreover, Paula Abdul's father was a Syrian Jew.Here's a "Top 40." What ethnicity are Frank Zappa, Tiny Tim, Tiffany and Paul Anka, not to mention Casey Kasem himself?

       a. Hispanic American
       b. Arab American
       c. Italian American
       d. Greek American

Vanilla Gorilla - General Mills introduced Count Chocula and Franken Berry in 1971, followed by Boo Berry in 1973. Fruit Brute was sold from 1974 to 1983 and the vanilla-flavoured Yummy Mummy from 1988 to 1993.In the 1980s, General Mills discontinued Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy, but still sells all but which of these characters?

       a. Boo Berry
       b. Count Chocula
       c. Vanilla Gorilla
       d. Frankenberry

McDonald's - It was called the Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention.Until NATO bombed Belgrade, writer Thomas Friedman was able to say that there had never been a war between two nations with what franchise?

       a. Barnes and Noble
       b. McDonald's
       c. Starbucks
       d. Kinko's

Charles Manson - Harry Nilsson, Paul Williams, Danny Hutton and Stephen Stills did try out for the Monkees, though.What insane killer supposedly auditioned for the Monkees, even though at the time he was too old … and in jail in McNeil Island, Washington?

       a. The Boston Strangler
       b. Charles Manson
       c. The Birdman of Alcatraz
       d. Lee Harvey Oswald

Crossword puzzle - Arthur Wynne created the puzzle.One across. What staple of modern newspapers first appeared in the Sunday supplement to the New York World in December 1913 (9,6)?

       a. Crossword puzzle
       b. Horoscopes
       c. Comic strip
       d. Crime-scene photos

Soap opera - Oxydol was actually at the forefront of innovative marketing, having been involved in door-to-door sampling, metal coupons and slice-of-life magazine cartoon ads.What two-word term do we owe to Proctor and Gamble, whose detergent Oxydol sponsored a radio show called Ma Perkins in 1933?

       a. Block buster
       b. Soap opera
       c. Commercial message
       d. Pop culture

Cello - A little girl asked him if it had a name, and she suggested Petunia.In 1999, Yo-Yo Ma forgot what $2.5-million, 266-year-old instrument in a New York City taxi trunk?

       a. Viola
       b. Cello
       c. Violin
       d. Guitar

Ken - Mattel called him Magic Earring Ken.In 1993, Mattel outfitted what Barbie boyfriend, dressing him with an earring, a purple leather vest, two-tone hair and a mesh shirt?

       a. Fred
       b. Ken
       c. Stan
       d. Ted

Nothing - The ads were filmed by Richard Avedon but were controversial because Shields was so young at the time.In ads that ran in 1980, what came between 15-year-old Brooke Shields and her Calvin Klein jeans?

       a. $69.69
       b. A new day
       c. Nothing
       d. Her best friends

Bikini Atoll, where there had been A-bomb tests - Found in the Marshall Islands, the entire population was moved to Rongerik to get them out of the way of A-bomb testing.Where did the bikini's name come from?

       a. Bikini Atoll, where there had been A-bomb tests
       b. A very spicy Japanese sushi dish
       c. From a song about a yellow polka dot monster
       d. From French slang for a pretty girl

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