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Pop Culture Trivia Questions XI

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Seinfeld - Sinatra's last words were 'I'm losing it.' Frank Sinatra died on the same night as which TV show's finale, which his daughter Nancy was watching the night he died?

       a. Cheers!
       b. MASH
       c. Seinfeld
       d. Mary Tyler Moore

The Wonder Years - One of her few acting appearances after she went into math was on the nerd show, The Big Bang Theory.Mathematician Danica McKellar co-wrote the Chayes-McKellar-Winn theorem, a proof regarding two-dimensional magnetism. Before that, she was Winnie on what TV show?

       a. What's Happening
       b. The Wonder Years
       c. Full House
       d. That 70s Show

Julianne Moore - The movies were Far from Heaven and The Hours.Who was nominated for Oscars twice in the same year, in 2003, both times for playing 1950s housewives?

       a. Julianne Moore
       b. Jessica Lange
       c. Sigourney Weaver
       d. Holly Hunter

Lone Ranger and Tonto - In various Indian languages, it can mean 'friendly Apache', 'white person', and even 'soggy shrub'. But to the Ottawa of Michigan, giimoozaabi really does mean 'scout'.Ke Mo Sah Bee was a camp in Michigan. What two characters called each other Kemo Sabe?

       a. Batman and Robin
       b. Tintin and Captain Haddock
       c. Lone Ranger and Tonto
       d. The Green Hornet and Kato

Partridge - Likewise, Paula Jones and Vanilla Ice stupidly got in the ring with Tonya Harding and Todd Bridges. Bradys or Partridges? The issue was settled in 2002 when Danny Bonaduce entered the "Celebrity Boxing" ring against Barry Williams. Which TV family came out on top?

       a. Brady
       b. Partridge
       c. Neither
       d. Both

Kevin Bacon - When Duncan Watts and Steven Strogatz studied network speed, they looked at a fad begun in 1993 at UPenn.What star was at the center of a fad begun in 1993 at the University of Pennsylvania, where students tried to connect actors through pairs of co-stars?

       a. Kevin Bacon
       b. Samuel L Jackson
       c. Christopher Lee
       d. Ted McGuinley

Dennis the Menace - His mom was an alcoholic who died of an accidental overdose, and he later suffered post-traumatic stress disorder after serving as a Marine in Vietnam, after which he drifted from job to job.Dennis Ketcham was sent to a Swiss boarding school to address his learning disabilities. What comic strip did he inspire?

       a. Doonesbury
       b. Beetle Bailey
       c. Dennis the Menace
       d. Peanuts

Burt Reynolds - Apparently, he also passed on the lead in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.Who reputedly turned down chances to play Han Solo, James Bond, Michael Corleone, Randall Murphy and Trapper John ... and nearly turned down the role in "Boogie Nights" for which he was Oscar-nominated?

       a. Sylvester Stallone
       b. Donald Sutherland
       c. Burt Reynolds
       d. Robert De Niro

Taxi Driver - The script simply called for him to talk to himself in a mirror.You talking to me? In what movie did Robert De Niro adapt a scene from "Shane" and improvise Travis Bickle threatening himself in a mirror?

       a. Goodfellas
       b. Mean Streets
       c. Taxi Driver
       d. The Godfather

Johnny Depp - Richards would play Sparrow's dad, Captain Jack Teague.In Pirates of the Caribbean, who tried to play Captain Jack Sparrow as a mix of Keith Richards and Pepe LePew?

       a. Ethan Hawke
       b. Johnny Depp
       c. Brendan Fraser
       d. Matt Damon

John Cleese - In the 2001 movie Rat Race, Cleese played another eccentric hotelier, this time named Donald Sinclair.Donald Sinclair, the real-life hotel manager at the Gleneagles Hotel in Torquay, inspired which member of Monty Python to create Basil Fawlty?

       a. Eric Idle
       b. John Cleese
       c. Terry Jones
       d. Michael Palin

Good Morning, Vietnam - He was played by Robin Williams as an anti-authority figure.Despite what you saw in this movie, in real-life DJ Adrian Cronauer was a by-the-book military man who later campaigned for George W Bush. What movie?

       a. WKRP in Cincinnati
       b. Good Morning, Vietnam
       c. The Fisher King
       d. Private Parts

Vanessa Redgrave - She praised Oscar voters for refusing 'to be intimidated by the threats of a small bunch of Zionist hoodlums . . . whose behavior is an insult to the stature of Jews all over the world and to their great and heroic record of struggle against fascism and oppression.' Who condemned both anti-Semitism and "Zionism hoodlums" when she won a 1977 Best Supporting Actress Oscar for "Julia"?

       a. Vanessa Redgrave
       b. Jane Fonda
       c. Susan Sarandon
       d. Barbra Streisand

Gene Hackman - Richmond kills his friend's wife while having rough sex with her. Cole simply runs for mayor of a small town against Ray Romano's plumber. Who played the evil President Alan Richmond in Absolute Power, and the retired President Monroe "Eagle" Cole in Welcome to Mooseport?

       a. Clint Eastwood
       b. Gene Hackman
       c. Jack Lemmon
       d. James Garner

Muhammad Ali - By the time the book came out, however, Ali had lost his crown to Leon Spinks.In a 1978 comic book drawn by Neal Adams, Superman lost his powers in a match under a red sun and got the stuffing knocked out of him by what boxer?

       a. Muhammad Ali
       b. Joe Louis
       c. Rocky Marciano
       d. Mike Tyson

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