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Pop Culture Trivia Questions II

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Jasmine - Her name meant Full Moon of Many Moons.What Disney princess was originally Badroulbadour in the Arabian Nights version of the story?

Keanu Reeves - Their grunge band had been called Small Fecal Matter before adopting Dogstar, from a name that appears in a Henry Miller book.What Beirut-born Canadian actor has played bass with a band called Dogstar?

The first movie shown at a drive-in - It was the June 7, 1933 feature at Richard Hollingshead's Camden, New Jersey, drive-in.How did the movie "Wife Beware" earn its place in cinematic history?

Pulp Fiction - It's probably just a nod to Robert Aldrich's 1955 film noir Kiss Me Deadly. The original script said it was diamonds, but that had already been done in Reservoir Dogs.This movie never tells you what is glowing inside the briefcase, but as a prop, it's simply an orange light bulb. Some fans say the light is Marcellus Wallace's soul. What movie?

Maryland - They would steal the signs.Confused fans of "The Blair Witch Project" went looking for the three lost filmmakers in Burkettsville in what state?

Batman - He also felt that Wonder Woman was giving little girls the In a 1954 book "Seduction of the Innocent", Dr. Fredric Wertham worried that what superhero was secretly having a gay affair with his Boy Wonder?

Tinky Winky - He's purple, he has a triangle on his head and he wears a magic bag that looks suspiciously like a purse.Which of the Teletubbies did Jerry Falwell's people accuse of being gay?

Bob Dole - In one especially creepy ad for Pepsi, he ogles Britney Spears.What former presidential candidate raised eyebrows (among other things) when he endorsed Viagra?

First openly gay superhero - He was in Alpha Flight, Marvel's first all-Canadian superteam.Aside from being a former skier and member of the French Canadian FLQ, why was a Marvel Comics superhero called Northstar so unusual?

CBS - That may well have been the best night of TV ever strung together.In 1973, what network's Saturday line-up was "All in the Family," "MASH," "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," "The Bob Newhart Show" and "The Carol Burnett Show"?

Cooper and Lodge - In 2009, he finally proposed to Veronica.Archie Andrews couldn't seem to decide between Betty and Veronica. What are their last names?

Jerry Springer - As a city councillor, he was once caught paying a prostitute ... by check, no less.Which talk-show host was once the mayor of Cincinnati?

Three's Company - The Ropers spinoff was based on George and Mildred, while the sequel Three's A Crowd was based on Robin's Nest.What US series was based on Man About the House, had a spinoff based on George and Mildred, and had a sequel based on Robin's Nest, all three of which were hit UK shows?

Jane Russell - Ironically, Russell secretly wore her own underwear while making the movie.When Howard Hughes cast this actress in a western called "The Outlaw," he also designed a pulley-powered bra for her. Who?

Cary Grant - The full line is - 'I always did like a man in a uniform. That one fits you grand. Why don't you come up sometime and see me? I'm home every evening.'In "She Done Him Wrong", to whom does Mae West say, "Why don't you come up sometime and see me"?

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