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Sasquatch - This is one of the native terms for the creature.What is another word for Bigfoot?

       a. Sasquatch
       b. Giant Man
       c. Neanderthal
       d. Ramapithecus

Peru - One theory about these lines is that they were created by aliens.Which country is home to the Nazca lines?

       a. Congo
       b. Peru
       c. Antarctica
       d. China

Scotland - This creature is supposed to live in one of Scotland's many lakes. Where would you travel if you wanted a chance to see Nessie?

       a. Finland
       b. Wales
       c. Scotland
       d. Norway

Triangle - The Bermuda Triangle extends all the way to Miami.Bermuda is home to one of the most active regions of paranormal activities. What shape is the region said to be?

       a. Circle
       b. Square
       c. Triangle
       d. Crescent

Flight 19 - This was a squadron of five TBM Avenger Torpedoes.What was the name of the squadron of planes which mysteriously disappeared over the Atlantic?

       a. Flight 38
       b. Flight 19
       c. Flight 105
       d. Flight 5

Nevada - This region is about 83 miles from Las Vegas.Where is area 51?

       a. Nevada
       b. Texas
       c. New Mexico
       d. Arizona

Canada - This creature is said to live in the province of British Columbia.Ogopogo is a lake monster. Which country is home to this creature?

       a. The United States
       b. Spain
       c. Canada
       d. Brazil

Silver Bridge - This bridge collapsed killing 46 people.Which bridge is associated with the Mothman?

       a. The Golden Gate
       b. Silver Bridge
       c. London Bridge
       d. Story Bridge

Pepie - This monster is said to reside in Lake Pepin.Ralph Samuelson said that he invented waterskiing after sighting which creature?

       a. Ogopogo
       b. Nessie
       c. Pepie
       d. Okie

The Skunk Ape - This monster is reported to be over seven feet tall.The Florida Everglades are said to be the home of which monster?

       a. Mothman
       b. The Skunk Ape
       c. Yeti
       d. The Bell witch

A poltergeist - This ghost haunted a home belonging to a single mother with four children.What kind of creature is said to make its home in Enfield?

       a. A chupacabra
       b. A poltergeist
       c. Sasquatch
       d. A dog headed man

Chupacabra - This creature has been sighted all over the Americas. Which creature is described as being "reptile like", with spines on its back, and is often called the goatsucker?

       a. Chupacabra
       b. Dijinns
       c. Wererats
       d. Jaculus

The Jersey Devil - There have been numerous accounts of this beast hunting in the woods. Mother Leeds is accused of giving birth to which creature?

       a. Arion
       b. The Jersey Devil
       c. The Jabberwocky
       d. Mothman

Monkey Man - One theory about this creature is that it was genetically engineered. What kind of creature terrorized New Delhi in 2001?

       a. Dog Man
       b. Monkey Man
       c. Skunk Ape
       d. Chupacabra

Orange lights near the white house - The lights were sighted in 1952. What occurrence led President Harry Truman to personally call the air force and ask for an explanation?

       a. Ghost rockets
       b. Orange lights near the white house
       c. The Mothman incident
       d. The Roswell Crash

Jimmy Carter - Jimmy Carter filed this report in 1969.Which future President filed a UFO sighting?

       a. Bill Clinton
       b. Gerald Ford
       c. Jimmy Carter
       d. George W. Bush

The UK - The media often labelled this the 'Roswelsh incident'.If you wanted to go to the site of the Berwyn Mountain crash, which country would you have to visit?

       a. Switzerland
       b. Canada
       c. The UK
       d. The Soviet Union

The Hills - This is one of the first cases of people claiming to have been abducted.In 1961, a couple claimed to have been abducted by aliens. The first ever to make such a claim, who was this famous couple?

       a. The Hills
       b. The Campbells
       c. The Jones
       d. The Smiths

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