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Musical Instruments Trivia Quiz III

Music Trivia Questions and Answers - Printable Music Trivia

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Kalangu - These drums are often referred to as 'talking' drums.Which of the following drums are used in Nigeria as a communication system?

       a. Kalangu
       b. Congo
       c. Bongo
       d. Ewe

Trombone - The slide mechanism changes the pitch of the instrument.Which brass instrument normally has a "slide"?

       a. English horn
       b. Cello
       c. Trombone
       d. Oboe

Oboe - The oboe is a member of the woodwind family.Which instrument has a double reed?

       a. Piccolo
       b. Recorder
       c. Oboe
       d. Viola

Australia - A bullroarer is currently used in traditional ceremonies and was historically used for communicating over great distances.Along with the didgeridoo, which countries aborigines use the bullroarer?

       a. Australia
       b. South Africa
       c. Canada
       d. Chile

Benin - The Ewe drum is native to both Benin and Togo.Which country gave the world the Ewe drum?

       a. Benin
       b. Australia
       c. Peru
       d. Columbia

Woodwind - Woodwinds include the flute and the oboe.The saxophone is a member of which family of instruments?

       a. Brass
       b. Woodwind
       c. Drums
       d. Strings

Jew's harp - This harp is also called a mouth harp and an Ozark harp.Which of these instruments is placed in the player's mouth?

       a. Dhol
       b. Viola
       c. Jew's harp
       d. Bass

Slit drum - In actuality, it is not a true drum but an idiophone. Which drum is frequently made from bamboo?

       a. Slit drum
       b. Taiko
       c. Bata
       d. Timpani

Harp - The harp dates back to medieval times.Which instrument has pedals, strings, a foot and a knee?

       a. Harp
       b. Piano
       c. Guitar
       d. Bass

A lyre - Lyres date back to ancient Greece.If you could go back in time and see a bard, what instrument might they be playing?

       a. A guitar
       b. A lyre
       c. A saxophone
       d. A tuba

Tuba - A person who plays the tuba is referred to as a 'tubist' or a 'tubaist'.What is the largest brass instrument?

       a. Tuba
       b. Trumpet
       c. French horn
       d. Trombone

Brazil - A surdo is a kind of drum.If you were watching a person play a Surdo, what country would you be in?

       a. New Zealand
       b. Japan
       c. Brazil
       d. Germany

Xylophone - A glockenspiel's keys are made of metal whereas a xylophone's are normally made of wood.Which of these instruments is closely related to a glockenspiel?

       a. Xylophone
       b. Harp
       c. Piano
       d. Cello

Cello - The cello has to be played while seated.Which of these instruments would not be in a marching band?

       a. Flute
       b. Cello
       c. Glockenspiel
       d. Bugles

Washboard - The washboard is often used by jazz, folk and zydeco bands.What old household item has been turned into a musical instrument?

       a. Washboard
       b. Vacuum
       c. Iron
       d. Paint roller

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