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Monsters Around The World

Monster Trivia Questions and Answers - Printable Monster Trivia

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Hydra - In Greek mythology, Hercules killed the Hydra of Lerna as the second of his Twelve Labours.Which serpent-like water monster has multiple heads?

a. Hydra
b. Puck
c. Giant Geryon
d. Fir Blog

Typhon - Zeus trapped Typhon underneath Mount Etna.Which of these monsters is considered the deadliest monster of Greek mythology?

a. Goblinoid
b. Drac
c. Garmr
d. Typhon

Gargouille - The Gargouille has a long snake-like body.Which of these creatures is a legendary water-spouting dragon that originated from France?

a. Gargoyle
b. Dola
c. Gargouille
d. Patagon

Troll - The troll is considered a spirit of nature.Which of these creatures comes from Norse mythology?

a. Magog
b. Troll
c. Centaur
d. Bardi

Marid - Marids were first mentioned in pre-Islamic Arabian mythology.Which of these monsters is a Jinn?

a. Wendigo
b. Pane
c. Marid
d. Warg

Orang Bunian - Said to be invisible to most humans, the Orang Bunian spirits come from Malay folklore.Which of these spirits is known to inhabit the forest?

a. Rusalka
b. Orang Bunian
c. Taraxippi
d. Rarog

Panis - The Panis are a class of demons.Reputed to be "watchers over stolen cows," which of these creatures comes from Hindu?

a. Furies
b. Panis
c. Harpie
d. Og

Encantado - This shape shifter comes from Brazil.Which creature can change between being a dolphin and a human?

a. Encantado
b. Daitya
c. Pholus
d. Lamia

Lamia - This child-eating monster is from Greek culture.Which of the following monsters is a vampire-like demon known to devour children?

a. Freybug
b. Orthrus
c. Lamia
d. Wieven

Drow - A Drow can best be described as a small, troll-like fairy creature.Known to be ugly and shy, which of these is a Scottish mythological monster?

a. Drow
b. Druk
c. Nargun
d. Ophiotaurus

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