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Merlin Season One Trivia Quiz

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Gaius - He is the first person in Camelot that knows of Merlin's powers. Merlin also stays with him.In season one, Merlin arrives in Camelot and is the apprentice to the town's physician. What was his name?

a. Uther
b. Gaius
c. Elyan
d. John

Serpents - They spring to life and carry a poison that can kill anyone that comes into direct contact with them.In episode two, Valiant, what creature is painted on the shield of the knight that is facing Arthur? Hint - The creature(s) come to life.

a. Demons
b. Dragons
c. Gargoyles
d. Serpents

Gwen - Gwen, short for Guinevere, was Morgana's servant and a fast friend of Merlin, one of his first, actually.What is the name of Morgana's servant?

a. Morgose
b. Nimueh
c. Hunith
d. Gwen

Nimueh - The plague in this episode makes the skin of the residents of Camelot turn white with dark blue veins. It wasn't pretty!Who was the sorceress responsible for the plaque/sickness that swept Camelot as the result of a dragon egg?

a. Morgose
b. Mordred
c. Sophia
d. Nimueh

Griffin - Merlin was attacked and saved by Lancelot in this episode.What creature is half eagle and half lion that was seen in episode 5 of Season 1?

a. Cyclops
b. Narvick
c. Griffin
d. Hippogriff

Morgana - Gaius has been treating her nightmares for years, but she mentions that she hasn't had a restful night's sleep in a very long time. Sometimes her nightmares are prophetic.Which character suffers extreme and terrible nightmares?

a. Morgana
b. Gaius
c. Uther
d. Arthur

Edwin - He actually created the sicknesses that he was curing with the use of creepy black bugs!Who tried to replace Gaius as court physician by tricking everyone into thinking he had a "cure all" for any form of sickness?

a. Edwin
b. Cenred
c. Mardan
d. Aulfric

The Dragon - The Dragon warns Merlin of a prophecy in which Mordred will kill Arthur, however, Merlin still helps him escape Camelot, with the help of Morgana.Who warns Merlin of Mordred?

a. Sir Percival
b. Morgana
c. Gaius
d. The Dragon

Arthur - Arthur killed it, which caused a curse to be put on Camelot. In order to lift the curse, he must pass 3 tests, one of which is choosing between his life or Merlins!Who killed a unicorn?

a. Arthur
b. Guinevere
c. Uther
d. Merlin

Lancelot - Merlin helped him by magically forging a nobility statement so that he could be a knight of Camelot, that was Lancelot's biggest dream. Although he did not remain a knight, he proved himself to Arthur by saving Camelot.Which "knight" of Camelot had a forged nobility statement?

a. Lancelot
b. Davis
c. Percival
d. Euan

Colin Morgan - Morgan was born in Armagh, Northern Ireland in 1986.Which actor plays the role of Merlin?

a. Rupert Young
b. Colin Morgan
c. Bradley James
d. Richard Wilson

Magic - Merlin must keep his magical ability a secret.Which of the following practices is banned by King Uther Pendragon in Camelot?

a. Magic
b. Worship
c. Sword Play
d. Marriage

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