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They were both research zoologists - They lived in Africa, with Cady, and home-schooled her.What did Cady's parents do in Africa?

a. They were doctors
b. They were both research zoologists
c. They were lion tamers
d. They were dentists

Janice and Damien - After meeting them, they convinced her to befriend The Plastics so Janice could get revenge on Regina.Who were the first friends Cady made at her new school?

a. Aaron Samuels and Shane O'Neal
b. Janice and Damien
c. Daniel and Diego
d. The Plastics

Wear pink! - The plastics had tons of rules that Cady had to learn if she wanted to be part of their group. Another rule was that they could only wear jeans on Fridays.What was the clothing rule for Wednesdays?

a. Wear heels!
b. Wear hats!
c. Wear pink!
d. Wear polka dots!

Kylie - She was often found dancing provocatively in front of the TV in Regina's living room.What was the name of Regina's sister?

a. Cassie
b. Kylie
c. Amanda
d. Chloe

Tina Fey - Amy Poehler was also in the movie, she played Regina's mom!Which actress played Ms. Norbury?

a. Tina Fey
b. Amy Poehler
c. Lacey Chabert
d. Sarah Jessica Parker

Fetch - She tried to make the word 'Fetch' into a new slang term. Regina, meanly, told her that it was never going to happen.What word did Gretchen try to make happen?

a. Rad
b. Steller
c. Awestruck
d. Fetch

Jingle Bell Rock - They did the same dance every year in the show! Only this year, they had four members instead of the usual three!What song did The Plastics dance to for the talent show?

a. Jingle Bells
b. We Wish You a Merry Christmas
c. Sock it to Me Santa
d. Jingle Bell Rock

Varsity Blues - According to the students that were 'interviewed', Regina's favorite movie is Varsity Blues.What is Regina George's favorite movie?

a. Varsity Blues
b. Cinderella
c. Blues Brothers
d. Mean Girls

Karen - Karen was the only plastic not nominated!Who was not nominated for Queen of the Spring Fling?

a. Karen
b. Janice
c. Cady
d. Gretchen

She could put her fist in her mouth - Karen could put her whole fist in her mouth. She also thought her breasts could predict the weather.What did Karen say her talent was?

a. She could put her fist in her mouth
b. She can wiggle her ears
c. She could sing opera
d. She could do a backflip

Kalteen Bars - They were used as a way to 'move up a weight class' for the wrestlers. They made Regina gain weight.What was the name of the bar Cady gave Regina?

a. Ardon Bars
b. Cady Bars
c. Clif Bars
d. Kalteen Bars

Illinois - We learn this at the mathletes tournament!What state does this movie take place in?

a. Texas
b. Indiana
c. Illinois
d. Ohio

North Shore - Cady begins her first year at North Shore as a Junior!What is the name of the high school they attend?

a. North High
b. North Shore
c. Hemory
d. Jensen Shores

Starts playing a sport - She starts playing a sport. She joins the lacrosse team to 'deal with her anger'.What does Regina do after she finished therapy?

a. Moves to California
b. Joins the chess club
c. Starts playing a sport
d. Joins the Mathletes

She wore sweatpants - After eating the Kalteen bars, she couldn't fit into any of her other clothes.Why couldn't Regina sit with the Plastics?

a. She needed a shower
b. Her hair was ugly
c. She didn't wear pink
d. She wore sweatpants

She got hit by a bus - Many people believed that Cady pushed her in front of it!How did Regina get injured?

a. She got hit by a bus
b. She was in a car accident
c. She got stabbed
d. She fell off a balcony

Evanston - Cady mentions this! She moved to Evanston from Africa after living there for 12 years.What city was North Shore High School in?

a. Franklin
b. Oakville
c. Chicago
d. Evanston

Art Freaks - Janice wins a prize for her artwork! It is a picture of her, Damien, and Cady.Which clique do Damien and Janice belong to?

a. Chess Freaks
b. Jocks
c. Art Freaks
d. Plastics

Aaron Samuels - Cady soon finds out that he is off limits because he used to date Regina.Who does Cady crush on?

a. Sam Aaron
b. Aaron Samuels
c. Mike Aaron
d. Aaron Mitchell

Splits the crown and shares - She splits it with everyone. She does this so that no one feels left out or less superior.What does Cady do to make amends at the Spring Fling?

a. Throws the crown to the crowd
b. Gives the crown to Regina
c. Splits the crown and shares
d. Refuses the crown

Janice - Janice was an 'art freak' that taught Cady how to fit in with the Plastics. She had a personal vendetta with Regina.Lizzy Caplan played which character?

a. Cady
b. Gretchen
c. Amanda
d. Janice

Rachel McAdams - McAdams also starred in The Notebook. Rachel was also the oldest member of the plastics, many steps were involved to make her look to be high school age!Regina George was played by whom?

a. Lacey Chabert
b. Lindsay Lohan
c. Judy Garland
d. Rachel McAdams

Karen Smith - Karen was know as the 'dumb' member of the plastics! Amanda Seyfriend also starred in Mamma Mia!What character did Amanda Seyfried play?

a. Gretchen Wieners
b. Betsy Heron
c. Karen Smith
d. Ms. Norbury

Cady - She was the new girl that moved to North Shore High School from Africa.Lindsay Lohan played which character?

a. Cady
b. Holly
c. Janis
d. Gretchen

Amy Poehler - She spent a lot of time following Regina around so that she could be more like her!What famous actress was Regina's mom?

a. Lindsay Crouse
b. Julia Chantrey
c. Amy Poehler
d. Tina Fey

Tina Fey - She played the math teacher and Mathletes coach!Ms. Norbury was played by who?

a. Julia Chantrey
b. Sidney Adams
c. Tina Fey
d. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Gretchen Wieners - Gretchen's father was the inventor of toaster strudels!Lacey Chabert played which character?

a. Karen Smith
b. Gretchen Wieners
c. Erin Samuels
d. Jessica

Cady's father - Neil Flynn has also been in shows like Even Stevens and The Middle.Neil Flynn starred as which character?

a. Aaron
b. Jason
c. Damien
d. Cady's father

Daniel Franzese - He was friendly and funny and he was the gay best friend of Janice and Cady!Damien was played by which character?

a. David Reale
b. Graham Kartna
c. Daniel Franzese
d. Tim Meadows

The Principal, Mr. Duvall - He stated that he had been in education for 14 years! He was also very much attracted to Ms. Norbury!Tim Meadows starred as which character?

a. The Principal, Mr. Duvall
b. No one, he was the director
c. Kevin
d. Chip Heron

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