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May 2016 Current Events Quiz

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The Gruffalo - The Gruffalo is a story of a mouse taking a walk in a forest.A poll of UK children in May 2016 revealed which book as their favorite?

a. The Gruffalo
b. Matilda
c. The Snail and the Whale
d. The Troll

120 - Tanzilya Bisembeyeva bore her first son at the age of 53Tanzilya Bisembeyeva, a woman from Russia, became the oldest "known" living person in the world in May 2016. How old is she?

a. 110
b. 120
c. 100
d. 130

Philippines - Maverick is 71 years old.Maverick Duterte was elected President of which nation in May of 2016?

a. Brazil
b. Philippines
c. Peru
d. Mexico

Sweden - Amid some controversy, Ukraine won the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with the song '1944'.The 2016 Eurovision Song Contest took place in which country in May of 2016?

a. Russia
b. Norway
c. Sweden
d. Denmark

Justin Bieber - Justin claimed that felt like a zoo animal.Which popstar claimed they were "done" taking pictures with fans in May of 2016?

a. Beyonce
b. Kelly Rowland
c. Lady Gaga
d. Justin Bieber

Stephen Curry - Curry plays almost exclusively at the point guard position.Who was named the National Basketball Association (NBA) MVP for 2016?

a. Shaquille O'Neal
b. Lamar Odom
c. Stephen Curry
d. Lebron James

North Korea - North Korea claimed the team was filing 'disrespectful' reports.A team of BBC reporters was expelled from which nation on May 9th, 2016?

a. China
b. Russia
c. Japan
d. North Korea

Dance - One Dance features guest vocals from Wizkid and Kyla.Drake topped the billboard charts in May 2016 with the song "One ___"?

a. Romance
b. Song
c. Dance
d. Chance

China - Queen Elizabeth II has reigned as Queen since February 6th, 1952.Queen Elizabeth II was filmed calling officials from which nation "Very Rude" in May of 2016?

a. South Africa
b. Israel
c. Japan
d. China

FIFA - Samoura is also currently the most senior UN official in Nigeria.Senegal's Fatma Samoura became the first female Secretary General of which body on May 13th, 2016?

d. UN

Brazil - Dilma Rousseff is Brazil's first female president.The leader of which nation was "suspended" in May of 2016?

a. Italy
b. Spain
c. Brazil
d. Canada

Ice Hockey - Putin played in an exhibition game with retired NHL players, and scored eight goals.Vladimir Putin was filmed playing a starring role in a match of which sport in May 2016?

a. Basketball
b. Rugby
c. Soccer
d. Ice Hockey

Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool is Radiohead's ninth studio album.Which band scored their 6th number one album in May of 2016?

a. Stereophonics
b. Coldplay
c. Radiohead
d. Travis

Austria - Faymann was in office from December 2nd, 2008 to May 9th, 2016.Werner Faymann resigned as chancellor of which nation in May 2016?

a. France
b. Hungary
c. Germany
d. Austria

Germany - The purpose is to increase Germany's military contribution to NATO.Which nation began to increase the size of its army for the first time since the cold war in May 2016?

a. Germany
b. Russia
c. Japan
d. China

Panama Papers - The Panama Papers are 11.5 million leaked documents that detail financial information for more than 214,488 offshore entities.Which of these documents went online in May 2016 causing worldwide news?

a. Turkish Papers
b. Spanish Papers
c. Panama Papers
d. Bali Papers

Spice Girls - A new single and album will be released later this year.Which band unveiled they were back in the studio recording again in May 2016?

a. Spice Girls
b. Abba
c. The Beatles
d. Take That

New Day - It was only in circulation for a little over two months.Which UK newspaper went out of circulation on May 6th, 2016?

a. New Day
b. Daily Star
c. Daily Sport
d. Daily Mirror

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