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Kids Trivia Questions XIX

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Greek - Zeus was the father of the gods. When angry Zeus would hurl lightning bolts.Which ancient culture believed in the god Zeus?

a. Chinese
b. Greek
c. Norse
d. Indian

Her ball - The frog offers to help the princess in return for certain favors.According to the story "The Frog Prince", what did the Princess drop in the water?

a. Her earring
b. Her slipper
c. Her barrette
d. Her ball

Butterfly - The monarch butterfly is easy to recognize because of its bright orange and black wings. Monarchs migrate every year.What kind of creature is the monarch?

a. Fish
b. Lizard
c. Bird
d. Butterfly

Baseball - This term is used to describe a homerun with the bases loaded. The team gets four runs for this hit.In what sport would you hear the term "grand slam"?

a. Skiing
b. Bowling
c. Sailing
d. Baseball

Oak - Acorns are sometimes called oak nuts. Squirrels love to eat these seeds.Which tree produces acorns?

a. Pine
b. Maple
c. Oak
d. Spruce

Cocker spaniel - Lady is terrorized by a pair of Siamese cats.What kind of dog was Lady, in the Disney story "Lady and the Tramp"?

a. Bichon
b. Cocker spaniel
c. Chihuahua
d. Dachshund

Robert Peary - Peary reached the North Pole on April 6th 1909.Who was the first person to reach the North Pole?

a. Robert Peary
b. Douglas Mawson
c. Robert Scott
d. Roald Amundsen

Blue - Sapphires are the birthstone for people born in September.What color is a sapphire?

a. Yellow
b. Red
c. Blue
d. Red

Oboe - The oboe is a double reed instrument.Which of these instruments is a member of the woodwind family?

a. Oboe
b. French horn
c. Xylophone
d. Cello

Sailing - The terms listed all refer to parts of a boat.What sport would you be watching if you heard the terms jib, keel and mast?

a. Gymnastics
b. Boxing
c. Figure skating
d. Sailing

Madagascar - The lemur is nocturnal. There are over one hundred different kinds of lemurs.If you wanted to see a lemur, where would you have to go?

a. Madagascar
b. Russia
c. New Zealand
d. Mexico

Carson City - Nevada was the 35th state to join the union. By size, it ranks as number seven.What is the capital of Nevada?

a. Carson City
b. Phoenix
c. Dawson
d. Las Vegas

England - Margaret died in 2013. She was Prime minister from 1979 to 1990.Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister of which nation?

a. England
b. Australia
c. India
d. Canada

Wear it - A balmoral is a Scottish cap.What would you do with a balmoral?

a. Play it
b. Ride it
c. Eat it
d. Wear it

Lizard - The Komodo dragon is a large lizard which is found in Indonesia. This large animal will eat birds, mammals and other dragons.What kind of creature is a komodo?

a. Lizard
b. Insect
c. Bird
d. Dog

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