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Kids Trivia Questions E25

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Coconut - Younger fruits contain more water, than the older ones.What kind of fruit contains "milk"?

a. Breadfruit
b. Coconut
c. Starfruit
d. Avocado

Corn - Corn pops due to the water inside of its kernels.Which food "explodes" when it is heated?

a. Pickles
b. Apples
c. Corn
d. Walnuts

A squirrel - Sandy is a scientist.On the TV show "SpongeBob SquarePants", what kind of creature is Sandy?

a. A cat
b. A lobster
c. A starfish
d. A squirrel

Montgomery - Alabama became a State in 1819.What is the capital of Alabama?

a. Dover
b. Boise
c. Montpelier
d. Montgomery

The Gulf of Mexico - The word Mississippi comes from the Ojibwa. It means Great River.Where does the Mississippi River end?

a. The Gulf of Mexico
b. The Gulf of Alaska
c. The Atlantic
d. The Pacific

Columbia - Columbia is in South America.Bogota is the capital of which nation?

a. Laos
b. Columbia
c. India
d. Libya

Mice - Elephants will avoid these tiny creatures.What, according to common myth, are elephants afraid of?

a. Vultures
b. Hyenas
c. Mice
d. Water

James Cook - James Cook was a British explorer.Which famous explorer's ship was called the "HM Bark Endeavour"?

a. Juan de Fuca
b. Sebastian Cabot
c. Christopher Columbus
d. James Cook

A bike - This bike had an enormous front wheel and a tiny back one.What is a penny-farthing?

a. A coin
b. A toy
c. A candy
d. A bike

Queen Serenity - Sailor Venus and Sailor Venus are guardians.On the show Sailor Moon, what was the name of Sailor Moon's mother?

a. Queen Jupiter
b. Queen Serenity
c. Queen Venus
d. Queen Tranquility

Nothing - The poor dog did not get anything because the cupboard was bare.According to the nursery rhythm, what did old Mother Hubbard find in the Cupboard?

a. A sack of grain
b. Nothing
c. A bag of flour
d. A bone

Babe - This movie is about a pig who wants to be a sheepdog.In which movie would you find the characters Arthur Hoggett, Duchess and Ferdinand?

a. Charlotte’s Web
b. Finding Nemo
c. Tangled
d. Babe

Shipwreck - The family was supposed to go to Australia, but their ship was sunk during a storm.How did the Swiss Family Robinson end up stranded on an island?

a. They were doing research
b. Shipwreck
c. Hot air balloon
d. Airplane crash

Italy - The largest bowl of Spaghetti was made in Garden Grove, California. The bowl used 13, 780 pounds of pasta.Which nation gave the world spaghetti?

a. Italy
b. Spain
c. Brazil
d. Kenya

Green - Other shades of green are light, forest, Kelly and olive.What color is vermillion?

a. Yellow
b. Blue
c. Red
d. Green

Red - Green is on the bottom.What is the top color on a standard traffic light?

a. Green
b. Red
c. Blue
d. Yellow

Bird - A parakeet is a small parrot.What kind of animal is a parakeet?

a. Bird
b. Frog
c. Salamander
d. Dog

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