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Kids Trivia Questions #24

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A Lego man - The entire journey into the blackness of space, including its descent was recorded with attached cameras. The film lasts 97 minutes.What toy was launched over 80, 000 feet into the outer reaches of the Earth's atmosphere in January of 2012?

a. A ninja turtle
b. A slinky
c. A Barbie doll
d. A Lego man

Kermit - Jim Hensen created the Muppets.What is the name of the character, which hosts the Muppet Show?

a. Miss Piggy
b. Kermit
c. Fozie Bear
d. Animal

Plants - An ichthyologist studies fish and their importance to the planet.What does a Botanist study?

a. Fish
b. Antiques
c. Birds
d. Plants

Skateboarding - The structure is also used by snowboarders.A Half-Pipe is a structure that is used in which of the following sports?

a. Sailing
b. Soccer
c. Boxing
d. Skateboarding

Periodic Table - Dmitri Mendeleev is normally given credit for publishing the first table.What is the name of the chart that lists all the known elements throughout the world?

a. The Noble Chart
b. Candlestick Chart
c. Periodic Table
d. The Earth Table

A strawberry - A wild strawberry is called a fragaria.In Spanish, I am "La Fresa". What am I in English?

a. A dog
b. A table
c. Salt
d. A strawberry

How to Train your Dragon - Based on a novel by C. S. Lewis, the movie was released in 2010.Which children's movie features the characters Hiccup and Astrid?

a. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
b. How to Train your Dragon
c. Lilo and Stitch
d. E. T.

A pound - The pound sterling is also used in the South Sandwich Islands and Guernsey.If you were in England and wanted to buy something at the store, what type of coin would you need?

a. A yen
b. A dollar
c. Rubble
d. A pound

The English Channel - The English Channel is a little over 550 km long.What is the name of the body of water that separates England from mainland Europe?

a. The Bering Strait
b. The Strait of Magellan
c. The Strait of Gibraltar
d. The English Channel

The Pope - Vatican City is located within the city of Rome.What well know figure lives in Vatican City?

a. Queen Elizabeth II
b. Jospeh Stalin
c. The American President
d. The Pope

Ajwain - Ajwain is a carom seed.Which of these items is an herb?

a. Ajwain
b. Massicot
c. Bazzite
d. Kainite

Apollo - Most of the planets were named after Greek or Roman Gods.Which of these is not a planet?

a. Apollo
b. Mars
c. Venus
d. Jupiter

Explorer - Cabot was born in the Venetian Republic in 1474. He once was employed by Henry VIII as a cartographer at Greenwich.What was Sebastian Cabot's claim to fame?

a. War General
b. Explorer
c. Painter
d. Writer

Eat it - Gazpacho is a cold tomato based vegetable soup popular in Spain.What would you do with "gazpacho"?

a. Eat it
b. Use it
c. Wear it
d. Play it

A kind of fishing - Cod are often caught using a jigging technique.What is jigging?

a. A sport
b. A type of music
c. A type of measurement
d. A kind of fishing

Chester A. Arthur - Arthur was born in 1829, in Fairfield Vermont.Who was the 21st President of the United States?

a. Chester A. Arthur
b. William McKinley
c. William Howard Taft
d. Andrew Johnson

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