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Vertebrae - A human skull is made up off 29 different bones.A human spine is made up of 26 linked bones called?

Thermometer - A barometer is used to measure atmospheric pressure.What scientific tool is used to measure temperature?

Atom - A molecule is a group of atoms bound together.What unit of matter consists of a central nucleus surrounded by negatively charged electrons?

Microscope - The word microscopic means invisible to the eye unless viewed by a microscope.What instrument is used to see objects that are too small to see with the naked eye?

Using Fossil Fuels - Carbon dioxide released from the burning of fossil fuels is the largest source of greenhouse gases.Which of the following contributes the most to global warming - Using Fossil Fuels, Cutting Down Trees or Solar Radiation?

Evaporation - The process of evaporation turns water found on the land into water vapor in the atmosphere using energy from the Sun.Most water vapor gets into the atmosphere by a process called?

Sun - The sun is the center of our solar system.What is the closest star to Earth?

Nitrogen - Nitrogen makes up 78% of our atmosphere.The earth's atmosphere is a mixture of a small amount of assorted gases, oxygen and what?

9 - 9 times 9 equals 81.What is the square root of 81?

Heavier - Warm air is lighter than cold air because the particles in cold air are packed tighter together thereby making it denser.Is cold air lighter or heavier than hot air?

Carbon Dioxide - Plants absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis.Plants absorb which gas from the atmosphere?

24 - The human rib cage is also known as the thoracic cage.How many ribs can be found on a human's rib cage?

It's covered in scales and/or scutes. - Reptiles can be found on every continent except Antarctica.What is distinctive about a reptile's skin?

Bats - Other mammals that are said to fly, such as flying squirrels only glide for short distances.What is the only mammal that can fly?

Botanist - Zoologists study the animal kingdom.What type of scientist would study the plant kingdom?

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