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Kids Movie Trivia Questions #6

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Deer - The younger boy accidently scares the deer causing his friend to miss.What are the two boys hunting at the beginning of the movie, "The Sword and the Stone"?

a. Deer
b. Moose
c. Duck
d. Bears

Cars - The movie Cars was released in 2006.In which movie would you see the character "Lightning McQueen"?

a. Cars
b. The Black Cauldron
c. Peter Pan
d. The Sword in the Stone

Monstropolis - Sully and Mike work in Monstropolis.What is the name of the city in the movie, "Monsters Inc"?

a. Scary Town
b. Monster City
c. Scareville
d. Monstropolis

Horse - Extremely affectionate, Bullseye is Woody's horse.Seen in the movie "Toy Story," what kind of animal is Bullseye?

a. Cat
b. Dragonfly
c. Turtle
d. Horse

Cruella de Vil - Hades is the villain in the film 'Hercules'.Who is the main villain in the Disney film "101 Dalmatians"?

a. Cruella de Vil
b. Buzz
c. Montgomery
d. Hades

Apple - The apple was poisoned.What kind of fruit does the evil witch give to Snow White in Disney's first animated feature film, "Snow White"?

a. Cherry
b. Pear
c. Apple
d. Orange

Snake - Jafar is an evil sorcerer.What kind of creature does Jafar turn into in the film "Aladdin"?

a. Spider
b. Dragon
c. Scorpion
d. Snake

Crocodile - From the Disney movie Peter Pan.What kind of animal swallowed an alarm clock?

a. Crocodile
b. Parrot
c. Warthog
d. Lion

Black - Toothless is a dragon from the film 'How to Train Your Dragon'.What color is Toothless?

a. Red
b. Yellow
c. Green
d. Black

Scotland - Released in 2012, the film is set in the Scottish Highlands. What country is the setting for the movie "Brave"?

a. Scotland
b. Russia
c. America
d. Mexico

Gothel - Tangled was originally titled Rapunzel.Who is the main villain in the 2010 Disney film "Tangled"?

a. Maleficent
b. Quasimodo
c. Gothel
d. Medusa

Elsa - Elsa is the princess of Arendelle.What is the name of the princess in the Disney movie "Frozen"?

a. Elsa
b. Jasmine
c. Astral
d. Lilly

Hunchback of Notre Dam - Frollo is the Archdeacon.In which movie would you see the character "Frollo"?

a. Monsters Inc
b. Hunchback of Notre Dam
c. Cars
d. Toy Story

Harp - Fflewddur Fflam is a character from the film 'The Black Cauldron'.What kind of instrument does Fflewddur Fflam play?

a. Flute
b. Bagpipes
c. Piano
d. Harp

Rivet Town - The Copperbottoms are the main family in the 2005 movie 'Robots'.Where do the Copperbottoms live?

a. Gear city
b. Rivet Town
c. Robocity
d. Axelville

Stoick the Vast - Hiccup is the son of the chief.What is the name of the chieftain in the movie "How to Train Your Dragon"?

a. Gobber the Belch
b. Stoick the Vast
c. Astrid Hooferson
d. Hiccup

Pocahontas - Governor Ratcliff sings the song.In which Disney film would you hear the song "Mine Mine Mine"?

a. Pocahontas
b. Tarzan
c. Peter Pan
d. Robin Hood

Sabor - Tarzan kills Sabor.What is the name of the leopard in the Disney film "Tarzan"?

a. Sabor
b. Shere Khan
c. Kaa
d. Hiis

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