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Panda bear - Pandas live in China.What kind of animal lives mainly on bamboo shoots?

a. Wombat
b. Elk
c. Kangaroo
d. Panda bear

Cow - A mare is a horse.What is a female elephant called?

a. Ewe
b. Mare
c. Cow
d. Jenny

Mud - Corn snakes are also not poisonous.Which of these snakes is not poisonous?

a. Rattle
b. Cobra
c. Asp
d. Mud

Possum - Hyenas are found in Africa.Which of these animals is not part of the "dog" family?

a. Hyena
b. Jackal
c. Possum
d. Wolf

Lion - Lion live in prides. The female lions do the hunting.What kind of animal lives in a pride?

a. Wolf
b. Water buffalo
c. Lion
d. Bear

Meat - Lions, dogs and sharks are all kinds of carnivores.What do carnivores eat?

a. Plants
b. Fruit
c. Insects
d. Meat

Squid - Releasing ink is a part of a squid's defense system.What kind of creature produces black ink?

a. Vampire bat
b. Squid
c. Tarantula
d. Porcupine

Hair - Rhinos are found in Africa.What is a rhinoceros' horn made of?

a. Scale
b. Bone
c. Cartilage
d. Hair

Frog - Frogs lay eggs, which become tadpoles.What does a tadpole turn into?

a. Snail
b. Perch
c. Turtle
d. Frog

50 mph - Dragonflies are some of the fastest insects. How fast can a dragonfly fly?

a. 25 mph
b. 50 mph
c. 100 mph
d. 10 mph

45 years - Hippos are the most dangerous animals in Africa. How long do hippos live?

a. 15 years
b. 5 years
c. 45 years
d. 100 years

An ambush - Tiger usually hunt alone at night.What do you call a group of tigers?

a. A coven
b. An ambush
c. A pod
d. A murder

Over 900 - There might be as many as 1,200 different kinds of bats in the world.How many kinds of bats are there?

a. About 400
b. Lee than 25
c. About 50
d. Over 900

Sharks - Blue whales are also killed by killer whales and ships.What kind of creature would attack a blue whale?

a. Sea turtles
b. Eclectic eels
c. Sharks
d. Polar bears

Turtle - Sea turtles lay their eggs on land.Leatherheads and loggerheads are what kind of animal?

a. Spider
b. Bat
c. Turtle
d. Frog

Moose - Moose are the largest members of the deer family.What animal's name means, "Twig Eater"?

a. Moose
b. Beaver
c. Woodpecker
d. thrush

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