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Irish Culture and History Trivia II

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Red - Today most of leprechauns are dressed in green. Prior to the twentieth century, leprechauns were often portrayed wearing which color?

a. Yellow
b. Blue
c. Red
d. Orange

Three wishes - Leprechauns are, according to legend, related to fairies. They are often linked with the Tuantha De Danann, another mythical race.If caught, what does a leprechaun offer to gain his release?

a. Three wishes
b. Takes his captor to fairyland
c. Forty pieces of silver
d. Tells the person's future

Shoes - Leprechauns are cobblers. They love to make shoes and are frequently portrayed with a hammer in one hand and a shoe in the other.According to legend, what do leprechauns make?

a. Shoes
b. Cheese
c. Hats
d. Wine

Maewyn - It is believed that when St. Patrick was born, his given name was Maewyn Succat. The Romanized version of his name was Patricius.What is generally considered to be St. Patrick's birth name?

a. John
b. Andrew
c. Edward
d. Maewyn

Kiss a stone - This stone is called the Blarney Stone. It has become a huge tourist attraction in Ireland.In Ireland, if you want the gift of the eloquence, the ability to speak well and persuasively, what must you do?

a. Kiss a stone
b. Kiss a frog
c. Catch a leprechaun
d. Find a four leaf clover

Blarney Castle - The first building on this site was built in the tenth century and was made of wood. In the 1200s, the structure was replaced with one that was made of stone.Where is the famous Blarney Stone located?

a. Buckingham Palace
b. Windsor Castle
c. Scone Abby
d. Blarney Castle

Bluestone - There are many theories about the stone's origin. Some claim it was once a part of the Stone of Scone. What kind of rock is the Blarney Stone?

a. Bluestone
b. Slate
c. Sandstone
d. Granite

Three - Three is an important number in Celtic traditions. It represents past, present and future and/or sky, earth and underworld.What is the lucky number of Ireland?

a. Twelve
b. Thirteen
c. Seven
d. Three

Green, white and orange - The Irish flag is sometimes referred to as the Irish Tri-color. The flag is, from left to right, green white and orange. Which colors are on the Irish flag?

a. Orange white and red
b. Green, white and orange
c. Green red and white
d. Orange red and green

Belfast - Belfast is currently the largest city in Northern Ireland and is located in two counties. Most of the city is in the county of Antrim. The word Belfast loosely translates to mean 'mouth of the sandbanks'.What is the capital of Northern Ireland?

a. Waterford
b. Belfast
c. Limerick
d. Cork

Neagh - This freshwater lake is about 150 square miles. This lake is very shallow and exposed, and gets extremely rough on windy days.What is the name of the largest freshwater lake in Ireland?

a. Talt
b. Finn
c. Neagh
d. Beg

Lough - According to the dictionary, a Lough is a lake or a partially protected bay. This word originates in the 1500s and is the Anglo-Irish spelling of the word loch. What word do the Irish use instead of lake?

a. Fjord
b. Laga
c. Loch
d. Lough

None - Ireland does not have an official national bird, although some believe it to be the lapwing. Ireland does have a large bird population but there are no endemic species of birds in Ireland. What is the national bird of Ireland?

a. None
b. Cormorant
c. Great Skua
d. Diver

Fir Bolg - According to Irish mythology the Fir Bolg arrived before the Tuatha De. Legend says that these people were defeated in a four day battle, which is referred to as The Battle of Mag Tuired.Which of these mythical creatures is a part of Irish culture?

a. Tennin
b. Makara
c. Gins
d. Fir Bolg

Potato - The Great Potato Famine started in 1845 and lasted until 1852. During this time frame more than a million people died and about 25 percent of the population fled the country. The cause of the famine was a disease known as potato blight.In the 1800s Ireland was hit with a famine. What food is associated with this event?

a. Potato
b. Cabbage
c. Bread
d. Beef

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