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Horses Trivia Quiz

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Skip - A horse can also jog and walk.Which of these is not a horse gait?

a. Lope
b. Skip
c. Trot
d. Canter

Barrel racing - Barrel racing is a western event that is often done during a rodeo.Which of these equestrian events is for women only?

a. Dressage
b. Steeplechase
c. Show jumping
d. Barrel racing

The horse has little training - 'Green' refers to an animal that has very little training. This can be any kind of horse.If a person says that a horse is green, what do they mean?

a. It is a female
b. The horse has little training
c. It is a wild horse
d. It is a trail horse

A hoof pick - The frog is located on the underside of a horse's hoof.What do you use to clean a horse's frog?

a. Seat scraper
b. Clippers
c. A hoof pick
d. A curry comb

Side saddle - The side saddle has two pommels or horns.Which of these saddles was traditionally used by women?

a. Hunting saddle
b. Side saddle
c. Racing saddle
d. Western saddle

Jumping - Pommels are often used to hold a rider's lasso.Which of these saddles does not have a pommel or a horn?

a. Side-saddle
b. Jumping
c. Mexican
d. Western

A hand - A hand is four inches.What unit of measurement is used with horses?

a. A hand
b. Fathoms
c. A meter
d. Inches

Withers - The withers is the ridge between a horse's shoulder blades.To measure a horse, you go from the ground to a horse's what?

a. Top of its head
b. Top of its ears
c. Withers
d. Back

A red ribbon - A ribbon is also worn to indicate that a horse has a tendency to kick. If a horse is in heat, what should be worn on its tail?

a. A red ribbon
b. A bandanna
c. A tail wrap
d. A blue ribbon

A farrier - A farrier will also trim and repair a horse's hooves.If your horse needs shoes, who would you call?

a. A farrier
b. A cobbler
c. A cooper
d. A chandler

Clydesdale - A Clydesdale is a type of draft horse.Which of these horse breeds is the tallest?

a. Clydesdale
b. Morgan
c. Arabian
d. Shetland

Falabella - The other breeds are heavy or draft horses.Which of these breeds is the smallest?

a. Falabella
b. Clydesdale
c. Friesian
d. Shire

Standardbred - The standardbred is known for its ability to 'pace'.What breed of horse is typically used in harness racing?

a. Standardbred
b. Arabian
c. Quarter
d. Shetland

Herbivore - A herbivore is an animal that eats only plants.Which of these terms describes a horse?

a. Herbivore
b. Carnivore
c. Nocturnal
d. Omnivore

Stallion - A stallion is a mature male horse.Which of these terms does not describe a baby horse?

a. Foal
b. Colt
c. Filly
d. Stallion

3 - The Derby is held at Churchill downs.How old are the horses in the Kentucky Derby?

a. 3
b. 1
c. 5
d. Any age

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