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1214 - This war gave France control over the Angevin lands located in Normandy and Brittany.In what year did the twelve-year Angevin-Flanders War end?

a. 1214
b. 1582
c. 1476
d. 369

Henry V - This war started in 1415.Which English King invaded Normandy in 1415?

a. Henry VIII
b. Edward
c. Henry V
d. Charles II

France - Joan was born in Domremy, Duchy of Bar in 1412.Where was Joan of Arc born?

a. England
b. France
c. Switzerland
d. Germany

Louis the German - The agreement granted Charles the Bald the lands of West Francia.Signed in 843, the "Treaty of Verdun" was an agreement between Charles the Bald and whom?

a. Charles the Simple
b. Odo
c. Louis the Stammerer
d. Louis the German

Louis VII of France - With her marriage was annulled in 1152, she moved to England and married King Henry II.Eleanor of Aquitaine was the Queen of France from August 1137 to March 1152. During this time, whom was she married to?

a. Louis VI of France
b. Philip II of France
c. Philip I of France
d. Louis VII of France

The Country of Flanders - The Flemish troops leveled the garrison in a midnight raid.Which country massacred the French garrison in Bruges in 1302?

a. Spain
b. The Country of Flanders
c. Germany
d. England

Tennis - Louis was such a fan of the game that he built the first indoor modern tennis court. What sport did Louis X play?

a. Tennis
b. Cricket
c. Golf
d. Croquet

Charles the Wise - Charles was the King of France from 1364 to 1380.How was Charles V known?

a. Charles the Wise
b. Charles the Short
c. Charles the Simple
d. Charles the Bald

Charles VI - In the early months of his time as King, he was called The Beloved.Which French King suffered from mental illness, which earned him the name "The Mad"?

a. Phillip I
b. Charles VI
c. Benito
d. Louis II

Paris - This famous Church is the burial site of a number of French Kings.Where is the Basilica of St. Denis?

a. Tours
b. Toulouse
c. Bordeaux
d. Paris

Francis I - Leonardo died in 1519, while staying at the Chateau du Clos Luce.Who was holding Leonardo da Vinci when he died?

a. Eleanor of Aquitaine
b. Francis I
c. Cardinal Richelieu
d. Napoleon

Versailles - Louis XIV moved to this incredible palace in 1682.Home of Louis XIV, where is the famous Sun Palace located?

a. Paris
b. Tours
c. Orleans
d. Versailles

Calculator - His calculator was known as a Pascaline.Which of the following items did Blaise Pascal invent?

a. Microscope
b. Hot air balloon
c. Calculator
d. Sewing machine

Italy - Austria fought on the side on the French during this war.Whom was France fighting between 1494 and 1559?

a. Germany
b. Russia
c. Spain
d. Italy

Burned - Joan was executed in 1431. Her crime was listed as Heresy.How was Joan of Arc executed?

a. Burned
b. Beheaded
c. Hung
d. Guillotined

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