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History Trivia Questions XXVI

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1775 - Paul was a silversmith.In what year did Paul Revere make his famous ride alerting the Colonial militia to the approach of British forces?

a. 1865
b. 1752
c. 1806
d. 1775

Florence Nightingale - Florence was dubbed Lady of the Lamp because she was a nurse who often did rounds late at night during the Crimean War.Who was dubbed the Lady of the Lamp?

a. Mother Teresa
b. Laura Secord
c. Betsy Ross
d. Florence Nightingale

Julius Caesar - Julius was the emperor of Rome before his assassination.While speaking of a victory against Pharnaces of Pontus, which famous person said the words "Veni, Vidi, Vici" ("I came, I saw, I conquered")?

a. Julius Caesar
b. Peter the Great
c. Nero
d. William Shakespeare

Belgium - This small nation is located in Western Europe.If you counted all the battles that took place in Europe throughout history, which country was the site of the most conflicts?

a. Belgium
b. Russia
c. France
d. England

The Treaty of Versailles - The treaty was signed ending World War I. It was between the Allied powers and Germany.What famous treaty was signed in 1919?

a. The Treaty of Versailles
b. The Treaty of Den Haag
c. The Anglo-Egyptian Treaty
d. The Treaty of Moscow

The MGM Grand - This fire caused the deaths of eighty-four people mostly from smoke inhalation.In 1980, which famous hotel located in Las Vegas burned resulting in over 80 deaths?

a. The Tropicana
b. The MGM Grand
c. The Riviera
d. The Flamingo

Texas - Sam was instrumental in getting Texas to join the United States.Sam Houston was the President of which independent state?

a. Texas
b. Alaska
c. New Mexico
d. Florida

Japan - Consider by many to be one of the British military's worst ever humiliations.In February of 1942, over 100,000 British and Australian troops surrendered to what nation's forces on the island of Singapore?

a. Italy
b. Japan
c. Finland
d. Germany

Fall Rivers - Fall Rivers is in Massachusetts.Where did the famous Borden murders occur?

a. Fall Rivers
b. North river
c. Green River
d. Twin Falls

Bockscar - The correct name of the plane is Bockscar although in some places it has been spelled Bock's Car or Boxcar.What was the name of the plane, which dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki in 1945?

a. Little Boy
b. Enola Gay
c. Fat Boy
d. Bockscar

Mormon - Joseph Smith was born in Sharon, Vermont in 1805.At the young age of 24, Joseph Smith became the founder of which religion?

a. Babism
b. Modern Wicca
c. Methodist
d. Mormon

Arthur Bremer - The shooting left Wallace paralyzed.In 1972, who tried to assassinate Governor George Wallace?

a. Jack Ruby
b. John Wilkes Booth
c. Sir Han Sir Han
d. Arthur Bremer

1989 - Ted Bundy was executed in Florida.Confessing shortly before his death to 30 homicides, when was Ted Bundy executed?

a. 1996
b. 1989
c. 1998
d. 1972

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon - The hanging garden is considered to be one of the wonders of the ancient world.What did Nebuchadnezzar II build?

a. The Great Pyramid of Giza
b. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
c. The Leaning Tower of Pisa
d. The Taj Mahal

John Paul I - This was the shortest reign of any Pope.Which Pope only held the title for thirty-three days?

a. John Paul I
b. St Pius X
c. Benedict XV
d. John III

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