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History Trivia Questions XXII

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Eunuchs - They also worked as chamberlains, on the notion they wouldn't seduce their charges. Many of them became enormously powerful politically.Charged with guarding harems, what castrated men got their English name from the Greek word for "keeping the bed"?

a. Eunuchs
b. Janissaries
c. Mamelukes
d. Templars

Kept records with it - With no system of writing, the Inca instead used the quipu, a complex mnemonic set of knotted, multi-coloured strings.What would an Inca have done with knots tied on a string, called a quipu?

a. Prayed with it
b. Hunted with it
c. Kept records with it
d. Cooked with it

New York City - The mayor was a charming songwriter whose corruption was exposed by Samuel Seabury.During Prohibition, Gentleman Jimmy Walker had his own table in the wine cellar of 21, a famous speakeasy in what city, of which he happened to be mayor?

a. Miami
b. New York City
c. Chicago
d. New Orleans

Canada - Purchased from the Hudson's Bay Company, Rupert's Land sprawls the Canadian Shield and doubled the size of Ontario and Quebec.Rupert's Land was named for Prince Rupert, the Bohemian-born cousin of Charles II. In 1870, what country bought it?

a. United States
b. Canada
c. Brazil
d. Australia

Concord - The Battle of Concord was something of a fiasco. The Minutemen simply filled the air with shot and then scattered.What 1775 battle did poet Ralph Waldo Emerson call the "shot heard around the world", in a poem he wrote to dedicate an obelisk at the site?

a. Bunker Hill
b. Concord
c. Saratoga
d. Yorkton

More living space for Germans - Most of it was going to be in Eastern Europe, especially sparsely populated Russia, which was dominated by Slavs that Hitler saw as inferior.When Adolf Hitler talked about Lebensraum, what did he have in mind?

a. The drive to the east
b. The elite guard
c. More living space for Germans
d. All right thinking

Poland - The Soviets also sat back while the Polish Home Army exhausted itself taking Warsaw briefly in 1944.The advancing Soviets murdered 11,000 officers from what country in the Katyn Forest near Smolensk?

a. Germany
b. Poland
c. Finland
d. Ukraine

Victoria Falls - The local name means 'smoke that thunders'.In 1855, David Livingston discovered the Zambezi River as it plunged down a gorge known locally as Mosi-oa-Tunya. What did he name the waterfall?

a. Victoria Falls
b. Zambezi Falls
c. Angel Falls
d. Boyoma Falls

War of Spanish Succession - The Peace of Utrecht had prohibited France and Spain from becoming a united kingdom.From 1701 to 1713, Europe was embroiled in what Americans call Queen Anne's War. What do Europeans call it?

a. War of Spanish Succession
b. War of Venetian Succession
c. War of Austrian Succession
d. War of Hungarian Succession

New Brunswick - The 1783 Treaty of Paris left the border unclear. When a US settler named John Baker declared the Republic of Madawaska, both sides started rattling at each other.In 1839, the governor of Maine called out the militia and grabbed disputed land, provoking the Aroostook War (aka the War of Pork and Beans) with whom?

a. New Brunswick
b. New Hampshire
c. Quebec
d. Massachusetts

An alphabet - The runic alphabet was used to record great deeds and cast evil spellsIn the Viking world, futhark was a set of something, and the word futhark comes from the first six members of that set. What did the Vikings use futhark for?

a. A pilgrimage route
b. An alphabet
c. A prayer rotation
d. A group of magic number

Rio de La Plata - New Spain covered what is now Mexico. In 1739, New Granada was hacked out of the northern part of South America, Peru was the middle and in 1776, most of the south except for Chile became La Plata.Spain divided Latin America into four viceroyalties. Which was the furthest south and had its capital in Buenos Aires?

a. Rio de La Plata
b. Peru
c. New Granada
d. New Spain

Dominican Republic - The Americans occupied the island from 1916-24 (to keep away creditors) and maintained Trujillo in power from 1930-61.Trained by the US Marines during the US occupation, Rafael Trujillo ruled what country for more than 30 years?

a. Paraguay
b. Nicaragua
c. Dominican Republic
d. El Salvador

Australia - Throughout the 1800s, Australians demanded that the British end convict immigration, make land easier to get, decrease church power and increase self-rule. John Macarthur was featured on this country's $2 bill, even though he led the Rum Rebellion against Governor William Bligh. What country is this?

a. Australia
b. Jamaica
c. Ireland
d. New Zealand

UN Peacekeeping Forces - Since then, Canada has participated in every mission of this type except UNOMIG (the UN Observer Mission in Georgia).Lester Pearson remains the only Canadian to have won the Nobel Peace Prize. And he won it for suggesting what organization that also won the Peace Prize?

a. UN Peacekeeping Forces
c. UN High Commission
d. International Red Cross

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