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History Trivia Questions XXI

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Arawaks - A matrilineal society, the Arawaks were ruled by chiefs called caciques.Who were the first Indians to run into Christopher Columbus?

       a. Caribs
       b. Arawaks
       c. Incas
       d. Aztecs

Bobby Sands - The IRA prisoner was elected in the riding of Fermanagh and South Tyrone.Who died of a hunger strike in Maze Prison in 1981, even though that year he had been elected to represent Britain's parliament?

       a. Michael Collins
       b. Bobby Sands
       c. Gerry Adams
       d. Patrick Pearse

Monitor and Merrimac - Designed by John Ericsson, the Monitor was the prototype for all ironclads until 1922, but sank only 10 months after its most famous battle, in a storm off Cape Hatteras.What two ships fought it out at the Battle of Hampton Roads in 1862, off the coast of Virginia?

       a. Kearsarge and Alabama
       b. Hood and Bismarck
       c. Monitor and Merrimac
       d. The Thrill of Victory and The Agony of Defeat

Great Britain - It sank off the Irish coast and pushed the US into World War I.More than 1100 people died when a German U-boat sank the liner Lusitania. What country was it from?

       a. United States
       b. Portugal
       c. Great Britain
       d. France

Jomo Kenyatta - His last name was derived from the Masai word for the beaded belt he wore, but he first used the name in his London School of Economics these called Facing Mount Kenya.Born Kamau wa Ngengi, what ladies' man and revolutionary changed his first name to the Masai word for "the burning spear"?

       a. Nelson Mandela
       b. Jomo Kenyatta
       c. Kwame Nkrumah
       d. Julius Nyerere

Hanging from a pole by the chest muscles - Meant to provoke visions, this aspect of the Sun Dance led Congress to outlaw the dance in 1904, but it was made legal again under the American Indian Religion Freedom Act of 1978.The Plains Indians practiced the Sun Dance. What was the most famous element of this dance?

       a. Staring silently into a campfire
       b. Hanging from a pole by the chest muscles
       c. Dancing while wearing a buffalo skin
       d. Pounding a war drum while on peyote

Aztecs - Cortez had taken his brother, Montezuma, hostage and eventually killed him.Cuauhtemoc managed to temporarily drive the Spanish from his capital on La Noche Triste (the "sad night"), but he was nevertheless the last ruler of which people?

       a. Mayas
       b. Aztecs
       c. Incas
       d. Toltecs

Incas - Pizarro then not only captured Atahualpa, but had his people pay a ransom of $100 million, then killed him anyway. In 1525, Atahualpa jailed half-brother Huascar and killed the rest of the royal family so he could become what turned out to be the last ruler of which people?

       a. Incas
       b. Aztecs
       c. Ashantis
       d. Zulus

Andes - The capital, by the way, was the cougar-shaped Cuzco.In what mountain range did the Quechua people build an empire they called Tahuantinsuyu, meaning "Land of the Four Quarters"?

       a. Rockies
       b. Himalayas
       c. Andes
       d. Urals

Albania - Held hostage at the court of Sultan Murad II, he was eventually renamed Iskander and given a military command, only for him to turn on the Turks.Born Gjergj Kastrioti, Skanderbeg defected from the Ottomans and became what country's national hero?

       a. Greece
       b. Albania
       c. Bulgaria
       d. Romania

Friday - Gould built his empire on the Erie railroad. On what "black" day of the week in 1869 did James Fisk and Jay Gould create a financial crisis as they tried to corner the US gold market?

       a. Thursday
       b. Friday
       c. Monday
       d. Tuesday

The Speedwell - The galleon was under Christopher Jones’ captaincy.What leaky sister ship of the Mayflower couldn't make the trip, and had to decant its passengers to the Mayflower?

       a. The Hopewell
       b. The Speedwell
       c. The Farewell
       d. The Cantwell

Ottoman Empire - In the 1830s, the empire lost Algeria and Greece and effectively lost Egypt in 1840. In the 19th-century, diplomats struggled with the "Eastern Question" caused by what "Sick Man of Europe"?

       a. Ottoman Empire
       b. Austro-Hungarian Empire
       c. Russian Empire
       d. Holy Roman Empire

Ghana - They are known for intricate kente cloth.The British needed machine guns to subdue the Ashanti, whose kingdom they renamed the Gold Coast. What is it called today?

       a. South Africa
       b. Kenya
       c. Ghana
       d. Nigeria

Aztecs - Montezuma was the last Aztec Great Speaker, but was more inclined to philosophy than warfare.Which people were lead by a Great Speaker known as the Huey Tlatoani, who was the political boss, military leader and high priest?

       a. Aztecs
       b. Zulus
       c. Incas
       d. Bantus

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