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Shooting down the Red Baron - However, an Australian ground crew may have fired the fatal shots.A Canadian, Arthur Brown, is often credited with what aviation feat?

       a. Being the first to fly across the Pacific
       b. Shooting down the Red Baron
       c. Inventing jet aviation
       d. Creating the bush-pilot system

Cuneiform - Cuneiform was adapted to the Akkadian language (of which Babylonian and Assyrian are dialects). Since Akkadian was a lingua franca, cuneiform spread throughout the Middle East.What form of writing, developed by the Sumerians, was named for "wedge-shaped" impressions that the styluses made in clay?

       a. Hieroglyphics
       b. Roman letters
       c. Cuneiform
       d. Braille

Frederick the Great - From there, hard-working 'Old Fritz' relentlessly expanded Prussian military and economic power, doubling his nation's territory.What king had a summer palace at Potsdam called Sans Souci?

       a. William the Conqueror
       b. Peter the Great
       c. Frederick the Great
       d. Charles the Merely Adequate

Indonesia - After WWII, Sukarno pushed the Dutch out, and was in turn shown the door in 1966 by the similarly named Suharto.Like Cher, Madonna and Elvis, Sukarno and Suharto went by just one name. What country did they rule? (This being Sukarno and Suharto, not Cher or Elvis.)

       a. Nepal
       b. Burma
       c. Indonesia
       d. Japan

Kiev - It was on the main trade route between the Black and Baltic seas, which connected the Swedish Varangians with the Byzantines. Founded by Vikings, what Ukrainian city on the Dnieper River was once the Russian capital?

       a. Minsk
       b. Kiev
       c. Moscow
       d. St Petersburg

Latvia - It was known as such after being invaded by the Livonian Order of the Teutonic Knights. This country became the heart of Livonia, and sometimes these people are still called Letts. Which one?

       a. Latvia
       b. Lithuania
       c. Poland
       d. Hungary

Napoleon - Another child was Elisa, the grand duchess of Tuscany.Who put his older brother Joseph on the throne of Naples (then Spain), his younger brother Louis on the throne of Holland, and a third brother Jerome on the throne of Westphalia?

       a. Charlemagne
       b. Adolf Hitler
       c. Napoleon
       d. Frederic Barbarossa

Georgia - It was a notorious prison camp in the Confederacy during the Civil War.Nearly a quarter of the prisoners of war in Andersonville died. Where is Andersonville?

       a. Ohio
       b. Georgia
       c. Illinois
       d. Florida

Marquis de Lafayette - He left the French court to help the American Revolution as a major general, without pay.Born in 1757, what famous Frenchman's name was Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier?

       a. Marquis de Lafayette
       b. Robespierre
       c. Marquis de Sade
       d. Napoleon

John Quincy Adams - John Quincy Adams had finished second to Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay was fourth.When the 1824 election was thrown to the House, the Speaker, Henry Clay agreed to a "corrupt bargain" that put who in the White House?

       a. Grover Cleveland
       b. Andrew Jackson
       c. John Quincy Adams
       d. William Henry Harrison

James II - His predecessor, Charles II, converted to Catholicism on his deathbed. James was ousted by William and Mary.Who was the last Catholic king of Britain?

       a. Richard III
       b. William I
       c. James II
       d. George III

Netherlands - It was also a Napoleonic puppet state, named for an ancient Dutch tribe.Inspired by the French Revolution, what country was transformed into the Batavian Republic from 1795 to 1806?

       a. Sweden
       b. Poland
       c. Netherlands
       d. Ireland

Peter the Great - Some sources have him at 6'8In the late 1600s, what ruler tried touring Europe incognito, despite being a rather conspicuous six-foot-six?

       a. Charlemagne
       b. Peter the Great
       c. Richard the Lionhearted
       d. Erik the Red

Nero - After Vespasian succeeded Nero, he built the amphitheatre on the ruins of Nero's palace. He also had built a 120-foot colossus, or statue, of Nero as a sun god.The Flavian Amphitheatre was nicknamed the Coliseum for whose colossus, which once stood next door?

       a. Nero
       b. Augustus
       c. Zeus
       d. Jupiter

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